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Debts That You May Continue to Pay During Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is advocated as one of the best Chapters to release a good amount of debt with zero obligation after the bankruptcy process. However, this might not hold true under some scenarios. The filer might have to continue to pay out some of the debts during and after Chapter 7 bankruptcy. To assess if Chapter 7 could actually kill all your debts or not, it is best to analyze some of the debts, you may still be obliged for even after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For more information relating to bankruptcy and Chapter 7, log on [...]


Can Credit Cards be Secured Loans?

Credit card loans always relate to unsecured loans by default. That’s what most of us are used to hearing. However, there can be circumstances when credit card loan can be a secured one too. The basic distinction between secured and unsecured loan is that there is a lien or an asset attached as collateral for the lender to capitalize in order to recover the debt. This holds good only if the debtor defaults or misses payments due consistently. To learn more about loans, bankruptcy, and other financial information, log on to Recovery Law Group, the encyclopedia to address [...]


Embezzlement Debts During Bankruptcy

Embezzlement refers to liability occurring from criminal, fraud, litigation and other malpractice. The jury or court usually orders an individual to pay fines or compensation or penalty based on the crime or law/code violation. This kind of debt is referred to as embezzlement debt. The common doubt or question people have is; Will the embezzlement debt be discharged during bankruptcy? It is important to learn that the type of debts held by the person filing bankruptcy is usually arranged on the basis of priority to determine the discharge or release ability. In the array or order, the embezzlement [...]


How Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Health?

People who are suffering from overwhelming debts often find bankruptcy as a way out. Bankruptcy is a legal way to reorganize your finances and get rid of debt so that you can get a fresh financial start. The two main types of consumer bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. According to a new study, bankruptcy is supposed to not only give you a better financial start but is also good for your finances too! Consumer Bankruptcy Codes Elaborated As stated previously, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the most common consumer bankruptcy codes, each having its own [...]


What Impact Does Low Bankruptcy Filing in Los Angeles has?

Most of the people living in cities like Los Angeles and Dallas, TX face the dilemma of whether to file for bankruptcy or not. In the last decade, there were quite a large number of people who used to file up for bankruptcy to overcome their debt. However, this number has rapidly declined in the past few years to such an extent that it has reached to lowest of the past 10 years. According to the statistics shown by the United States Bankruptcy Court, the number of bankruptcy filings in Central district of California has dropped down to [...]


Increase in Bankruptcy Filings Among Retirees

It is rather a sad state of affairs that Los Angeles is one of the cities that has an increase in the number of bankruptcy filings from the citizens who are above 55 years of age. This number has only doubled since 1994. Despite the need to rest after years of employment, the country witnesses this stupendous rise of close to twenty percent of the total bankruptcy filings to be of the retirees. But experts say that it isn’t surprising – the failure of the individuals (close to 32%) in setting aside a retirement amount is the major [...]


Can tax debts be discharged during bankruptcy?

Accumulation of unpaid dues can lead to people being burdened by debts. Bankruptcy is an excellent way to get many debts discharged. However, being able to get all debts discharged is extremely tough, though not impossible. Unsecured debts are often discharged after bankruptcy however debts such as education loan, government taxes, and child and spousal support, etc. cannot be discharged during bankruptcy. However, Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers Recovery Law Group say that even such debts can be discharged depending on the type of bankruptcy. For individuals filing chapter 13 bankruptcy, tax debts are paid off as per the [...]


Debtor’s Rights – The Right Knowledge

Persistent calls for dues to be paid out and continuous prompting by the collection agents for the payments waiting to be collected can be very frustrating. But as a debtor, it will be important to know your rights when it comes to handling these situations with the debt collectors Right to protection – Debt collectors are mandated to follow practices put forward by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). These standards have been enforced to prevent harassment and any other extreme measure affecting the debtor Restrict the call time window – As a person, you are entitled to your life and time. Hence restrict the duration and the call time window. Be affirmative that [...]


Should I Avoid Summons if I Plan to File for Bankruptcy?

Recurring debts and overspending, as well as some ill-fate, can cause financial problems in anyone’s lives. If you are facing issues regarding the shutdown of utilities or foreclosure, repossession, etc. or are at the receiving end of legal actions due to non-payment of dues and similar debts, then you might be in for some tough time. Creditors and debt collectors can resort to legal actions wherein they can file summons with the court so as to make a debtor answerable in the court, often with the intention to get a garnishment. […]


What to Expect from Life after Personal Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a decision that is not made easily. Not only are you struggling to make financial ends meet but you also have to provide bankruptcy courts and lawyers with details of your finances for a duration of 6-9 months or more. You are also expected to meet all the obligations of the court. Not only are your finances under supervision but you are also constantly worrying about the status of your personal bankruptcy case. All of this causes excessive mental stress on people and they are often looking forward to this dreaded chapter of life [...]