Automatic Stay

Automatic Stay Stops Creditors in Their Tracks

Call: 888-297-6203 When you have fallen behind on your dues, there is no way of preventing the threatening actions of creditors. You will end up facing harassing phone calls and threatening emails seeking legal action against you. Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, say that filing for bankruptcy can be the best way to not just get rid of this nuisance but also of a large amount of unsecured debts which are holding you back. Once you file for bankruptcy, the court orders the automatic stay order to be served to all the creditors listed in [...]


Automatic Stay – Way to Stop Your Creditors

One of the best advantages that bankruptcy can offer debtors is an automatic stay. this puts an immediate end to all collection actions and any civil lawsuit filed against you by the creditors, government or collection agencies. The upside of the automatic stay as per Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group  is that it can help you prevent being evicted or protect your property from being repossessed or foreclosed on, utilities being disconnected or wage garnishment. For more information on automatic stay, call 888-297-6023 and speak with bankruptcy lawyers. What can automatic stay prevent? The [...]


Benefits of Automatic Stay during Bankruptcy

Many people do not realize when they have incurred heavy debts thereby leaving bankruptcy as the last resort. However, not many people are aware that bankruptcy offers a lot of protection to debtors. One of the most important tools of bankruptcy is the automatic stay, which helps stop all actions taken by collection agencies to collect dues from you. In case you are facing eviction issues, foreclosure or repossession problems, due to losing utility or benefits, or are unable to make child support problems; automatic stay comes to the aid of you and your family, in this time [...]


How Can Automatic Stay Help People Filing For Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a daunting word, especially for those who are facing acute financial problems. Filing for bankruptcy does not come easy for people. However, it is surprising that many people are unaware of the fact that a number of options are available for people that can help you during this process. The automatic stay is one of the biggest arsenals in the kitty for people who file for bankruptcy. However, not much is known about this tool. The automatic stay is a part of all bankruptcy cases and helps stop all creditors and debt collection agencies from taking [...]