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Life After Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy is a tool used to recover from your financial strain. However, it is not a magical bullet that will immediately increase your credit score, nor will it destroy your financial future forever. It is a step towards financial recovery. The bankruptcy discharge is only the first step in the process and our goal is to help make a positive, lasting impact, on your financial future and life. This change will impact everyone in your life and every aspect which allows our clients to open up new possibilities for the future and your family.

We aim to make a lasting difference in your financial situation by choosing secure options for keeping you and your family protected.

Stepping towards a new life requires following two changes.

You Need to Change Your Relationship with Money and the Way You Use Credit

After a financial crisis, many people are unaware of how to use their credit carefully. People who do not understand the credit algorithm may experience difficulty creating an impactful credit score and moving towards a strong financial future. It requires understanding how the creditor companies evaluate your finances and credit reports to improving your credit history. It is also necessary to avoid all the pitfalls that may leave a negative impact on your financial reports.

You Need to Protect against Careless and Dishonest Creditors or Other Debt Collector Activity

Your credit report is damaged when it contains outdated or wrong entries. It not only leads to higher interest rates or disqualification from receiving credit but it may also lead to penalties charged by the credit companies. According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than 25% consumers had errors on their credit reports in 2012.

Rebuild Your Credit

We are here to help you incorporate these two changes in your financial life and lead towards a prosperous future.

Our partners include bankruptcy lawyers who can help you manage your finances and move towards a better future. Our bankruptcy lawyers provide a step-by-step approach to rebuild your credit and achieve your desired credit score, preferably 720+.

We also provide credit report auditing services to ensure that your credit report is free from all errors. If we find errors or mistakes in your credit report, we can help fix them. This means that any creditor or debt collector cannot harass you due to any disputed item in your credit report or in the future.

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