Social Security Disability

Advantage of evaluating the case for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits

A number of people in the USA may suffer from a disability and have no clue on how to receive benefits. Most of them do not apply merely because of too many procedures to follow. However, this does not stand true. A nationwide campaign is run to educate people and simplify the process. There are experienced legal professionals, who evaluate the case and present results within few minutes, albeit free. The professionals are especially helpful to applicants whose case has been rejected. They conjure hope in them and help them to get Disability benefits. For more information to [...]


Can you appeal if your Social Security Disability application is dismissed?

The Social Security Disability association can reject the application of the candidate if they are not satisfied with the requirements. The applicant, however, can appeal again to the Social Security appeal council. The applicant must carefully understand the process to present the case strongly. They can visit Recovery Law Group for good advice. When is the best time to appeal? Timing plays an important role in all decisions. Same is true in this case. The applicant must apply within 60 days of receiving the rejection letter. In case of a late appeal, he must justify the reason for being [...]


Potential reasons for the dismissal of Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Disability Insurance association offers benefits to people suffering from a disability. It can at the same time dismiss the applications if it does not satisfy the norms. What may be the reasons to dismiss? The applicant must know before filling the form. They can log on to Recovery Law Group for a clear perspective. Reasons for dismissing Social Security Disability Benefits can be the following-: Improper or incorrect information filled in the form by the applicant. There is a form that the applicant needs to fill to apply for the benefit. He/she must fill the form [...]


Eligibility for SSDI & SSI Benefits

The laws are made for the benefits of the citizens of the USA. However, while some may be ignorant to use it, others are too intelligent to wrongly employ it for their benefit. Hence, the Government, in order to prevent misuse of the benefits have issued forms/application that allows them to choose the right candidate. The right candidate apparently, may not know about the benefits they can get and may miss and suffer unnecessarily. The site Recovery Law Group helps such candidate to apply and get the SSDI & SSI Benefits. SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance & SSI or [...]


List of Impairments That Qualify for Disability Benefits

The government of the USA has some good plans to help people with disability. The nature of disability has been chalked out into a List of Impairments. This list of impairments consists of 14 medical conditions which can make a person aspirant for life-long payment benefits. These medical conditions prevent people to work and get employed to earn, leaving them with no means to lead a decent life. The candidate can visit Recovery Law Group to know whether his/her disable condition falls within or near to the list of impairments. Musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) MSD or Musculoskeletal disorders are disorders [...]


SSDI & SSI Benefits

SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance & SSI or Social Security Income are two plans by the US Federal association that aims to aid the person and their dependent families suffering from a disability. Disability can occur to any person due to accident or any disease that can make them redundant to earn. Such people cannot be ignored and left without any financial help. The USA government is considerate about such people and hence introduces such programs that can allow decent life to the disabled people. To avail the help the candidate must apply for the benefits and can [...]