Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Your Reorganization Plan After Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy, also known as reorganization bankruptcy, is exclusive for corporations, partnerships and individuals to work on their reorganization strategy in the midst of financial struggles. They work on reorganizing their finances and restructuring of their debts. Since this bankruptcy has no debt ceiling (different from Chapter 13 bankruptcy), it is much preferred by small and large businesses for the restructuring of their open debts. […]


Here’s What You Need to Know About Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is for businesses to get their debts reorganized and also gain enough financial stability so as to avoid any liquidation of their business assets. Though there could be scenarios in which we encounter individuals who qualify for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, this filing mostly involves the businesses. The features of Chapter 11 bankruptcy are as below: Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows the regular operation of the business that is undergoing the crisis and still works on ways towards repaying the creditors in the business This type of filing can be voluntarily initiated by the debtor. In a [...]


Pros And Cons Of Declaring Bankruptcy

Call: 888-297-6203 Filing bankruptcy can come with a bunch of pros and cons with it. It is essential to understand whether those pros and cons make sense to a particular filer. By carefully viewing and understanding the pros and cons, one can make a wiser decision about whether to opt for bankruptcy or not. Find more such bankruptcy-related facts on What are the advantages of filing for bankruptcy? The advantages of filing bankruptcy can be listed as follows- Instant relief from the debt retrieving procedures Often when you are lagging the payments, the lenders start to foreclose [...]


Nonconsensual Lenders And The Bankruptcy Court

Call: 888-297-6203 Bankruptcy can be filed with Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 or Chapter 7. If a business the options further narrow down to Chapter 11 or Chapter 7. In other words, Chapter 13 is something exclusive for the individuals. Chapter 7 deals with liberating debts in exchange for assets and Chapter 13/11 deals with a future payment plan that aims at fulfilling the majority of the debts in the period of 3-5 years. Most of all the assets of the business or an individual can be safeguarded under Chapter 11 or 13. To know more about each [...]


Bankruptcy And The Chapter Under Which You Can File

Call: 888-297-6203 Filing for bankruptcy is a complicated procedure and a filer must adhere to all the provisions of the bankruptcy codes. Therefore, it is mostly recommended to consult a good attorney before you decide on filing for bankruptcy to get proper guidance. An individual or business who suffers from an overburden of piled-up debts usually files for the legal procedure of bankruptcy. If the business or individual is unable to cope with the adding up of debts, they can apply to file for bankruptcy under the united states bankruptcy court. To get in touch with an attorney [...]


All You Need To Know About A Bankruptcy Trustee

Call: 888-297-6203 When you file for bankruptcy under chapter 7, the court appoints a bankruptcy trustee who oversees all the evaluation of the property as well as the distribution of the funds to the creditors after selling the assets. It is important to know that the trustee only acts under the discretion of the court and no final decision can be taken by them unless approved by the bankruptcy court. What are the responsibilities of a Trustee? The responsibilities of a trustee vary depending on the chapter of bankruptcy that you are filing under. For example, under chapter [...]


All That You Need To Know About An Automatic Stay

Call: 888-297-6203 When an individual file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is automatically put into effect. With the help of the stay, the debtor is no longer harassed by the creditors in terms of wage garnishment or collection calls. However, this is only temporary and can be pleaded by the creditors to be lifted as well. The function and working of an automatic stay An automatic stay is recognized under section 362 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. The filer does not need to apply for this separately. When they file for bankruptcy, it gets into effect automatically. [...]


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Encyclopedia

Call: 888-297-6203 Chapter 13 is a bankruptcy form that is not so popular but is a good alternative for many. People with consistent income can consider this bankruptcy chapter to safeguard their assets and payout as much debt as possible. Chapter 13 allows for a repayment plan with restructured debt and much more practical EMIs. There might be a discharge however it is almost negligible compared to the one in Chapter 7. The tenure for the repayment can be 3-5 years. The emphasis in chapter 13 is to calculate the net disposable household income and utilize the same [...]


Bankruptcy: Things To Know

Call: 888-297-6203 Bankruptcy is a very popular topic today. Not favorable but not avoidable as well sometimes. There could be multiple views about bankruptcy as a means of escaping debt, misusing it to discharge debts, etc., it sometimes is a big-time savior for many poor people. Here are a few important things to know about bankruptcy- Bankruptcy has big long-term impacts that can range up to 10 years hence, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate all alternate options before opting for bankruptcy. If you need help in evaluating bankruptcy and its alternatives do not hesitate to dial 888-297-6203 [...]


Chapter 11 vs Chapter 13

Call: 888-297-6203 Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 are two very similar bankruptcy chapters. The major difference between the two chapters is that Chapter 13 is exclusively for individuals while Chapter 11 is open for businesses as well as individuals. Also, there is a ceiling for unsecured and secured debt in Chapter 13 which is absent in Chapter 11. Chapter 11 can also be regarded as an expedited Chapter 13 in many situations as the process of bankruptcy under Chapter 11 is usually very swift. The reason for this higher fees, private bankruptcy trustee, faster processing, etc. Chapter 11 [...]

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