Impact of Bankruptcy Filing in Los Angeles

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What Impact Does Low Bankruptcy Filing in Los Angeles has?

Most of the people living in cities like Los Angeles and Dallas, TX face the dilemma of whether to file for bankruptcy or not. In the last decade, there were quite a large number of people who used to file up for bankruptcy to overcome their debt. However, this number has rapidly declined in the past few years to such an extent that it has reached to lowest of the past 10 years. According to the statistics shown by the United States Bankruptcy Court, the number of bankruptcy filings in Central district of California has dropped down to 9415 in the first three months of the year 2017 and this number is the lowest ever since the year 2007.

Here we will present some of the statistics based on the local trend shown in the filing of bankruptcy that will help you to understand the impact of reducing filing bankruptcy numbers and hence to decide whether it would be favorable to you or not.

Latest trends in bankruptcy filing:

It can be easily deciphered by seeing the above-mentioned figures the filing of bankruptcy has enormously declined in the past 10 years and it has hit a historic low. However, this does not mean that people have overcome the problem of debts completely. Still, there is a large crowd that is filing for bankruptcy to overcome their debts. According to the data presented by the central district of California’s federal bankruptcy court which involves Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Luis Obispo, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Santa Barbara it can be observed that still their bankruptcy filing is one of the most popular ways to get rid of debts.

As per the data presented in the year 2017, the following numbers can be noted:

  • A decline of 7.6% in chapter 7 filing in which 11769 filings are new.
  • A decline of about 4.1% in chapter 13 filings with 4070 new filings
  • The overall decline of 6.7% in bankruptcy filings with total 15996 new entries

These numbers were much larger as compared to the ones in the last decade. According to the data of the year 2007, there were about 9400 bankruptcy filings under chapter 7 in Los Angeles which accounts for a 60% increase since the year 2006. There was further an increase of 72% in the next year which is 2008 and it continued till the year 2011 but after that, it gradually started to decline and touch the lowest trend in the year 2017.

What is the reason for reducing bankruptcy filings?

It can be inferred that the number of bankruptcy filings has rapidly declined in recent years. Hence it is very vital to analyze and determine the reasons behind this decline. This reduction is not only in Los Angeles and California but is prevalent in the entire United States.

One of the most speculated reasons behind this decline as stated by the specialists is the decline in medical debts which accounted for potential debts for most of the Americans. Since it is a well-known fact that medical bills accounted most of the expenses by people of United States, it is obvious that reduction in Medicaid bills due to affordable care act and touted economic recovery, have significantly affected the bankruptcy filings.

The working mechanism of bankruptcy explained:

The main purpose of bankruptcy is to discharge the debts. As per the provisions of chapter 7 which is termed as the liquidation bankruptcy, an indebted person has to make zero repayments if he is found eligible for it and files for the bankruptcy under chapter 7. He can also keep is property if he uses the exemption law of this chapter. Hence he is able to get rid of various debts via the bankruptcy discharge. However, if you fail to meet the eligibility to file bankruptcy under chapter 7, then you have another option- chapter 13. Filing for bankruptcy under chapter 13 helps you to make a repayment plan and also to reorganize the debts which will eventually prevent you from problems like foreclosure. One of the most amazing benefits of filing bankruptcy is that it helps you to get rid of the creditors and exasperating money collectors by providing an automatic stay.

Is filing bankruptcy a boon or a bane?

To know whether it would be beneficial for you to file for bankruptcy or not, you must first consult a well learned and wise bankruptcy attorney like Recovery Law Group and discuss your case with them. You can contact the team on 888-297-6203 and take advice for your case. A good bankruptcy attorney would be able to precisely tell you if you should file for bankruptcy or not and whether you should file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 depending on your account and debt status. You must not fall into the trap of temptations of filing bankruptcy yourself as there are many terms and conditions that you might not be aware of.