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How Long Does It Take to Rebuild Credit?

Call: 888-297-6203 In terms of credit rating, nothing could be worse than bankruptcy. Since it has long term effects on your credit history, you should weigh in all options before choosing to file for bankruptcy. As per Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, bankruptcy is a red flag which warns creditors of your financial issues. Depending on the bankruptcy chapter, the bankruptcy record remains on your credit report for 7-10 years. Thus, for this duration, you will be facing negative effects such as getting new credit at reasonable rates, etc. Though bankruptcy can cause numerous [...]


Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

Call: 888-297-6203 Everything takes time. Neither does a person become bankrupt overnight, nor does building your credit. Though bankruptcy is an effective way to get rid of a huge amount of debt, it has repercussions too. It can tank your credit score like anything. Since bankruptcy becomes public record, your efforts to get a loan might be extremely difficult for a long time. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies remain for ten and seven years respectively on your credit reports. This is because the majority of your debts are discharged without paying anything in the former case, while [...]


What Happens if You Forget to Include a Creditor in Your Bankruptcy?

A lot of paperwork is involved when you file for bankruptcy, including documentation for your income, assets, and a comprehensive list of your debts as well as your creditors. This complete list of creditors is used by the court to inform everyone concerned about your bankruptcy. Since all of this involves a lot of paperwork, it is quite possible that one or two creditors might miss making the list. Since creditors also have legal rights in your bankruptcy case, if any of them fails to get a mention in your list of creditors while filing for bankruptcy, what [...]


The Creditors Meeting – All That You Need To Know!

The creditors meeting or the 341 hearing indicates the commencement of the case. This is mandated by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the specific states and is scheduled 30 days after the bankruptcy filing. The date and the time for this meeting of creditors along with the debtor is notified within a couple of weeks of filing. Here’s how you need to plan for the meeting as a debtor – The meeting generally happens over a span of 2-3 hours. Also, take into account the travel time needed to reach the court There is no imperative dress code needed to bead hered to or to dress up fancily Getting through the [...]


Can Bankruptcy Help in Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt?

Many people across geographic location and economic strata are facing the problems of bankruptcy. Bad financial decisions or misfortune can be the reason behind anyone facing insurmountable debts. However, managing such a situation can be extremely difficult and tricky. More often than not, people take the help of credit cards to clear off dues, unfortunately accumulating further debts. Many times, people are just trying to find a balance between various dues and card payments trying to ward off debt collectors. […]


In Texas? Ensure That you Adhere to These Guidelines

Finding oneself in a pile of debts is definitely an uneventful scenario and filing for bankruptcy stands as the only viable option for this. The filing process can help to discharge some or all of the debts and get manageable payment schedules for the others. You can also take care that you are careful of building a future that is devoid of these financial mistakes. If you are in Texas, there are some key guidelines to be cautious about when you are filing for bankruptcy. Take a look at them now!  Do not spend your retirement funds–In order [...]


Do You Know Which Federal Benefits are exempted from Garnishments?

Bankruptcy can be quite intimidating. There is a pressure of being unable to cope up with the increasing demands of the debt collectors apart from the social stigma attached to bankruptcy. In case you get sued by the debt collector for non-payment of dues, and the court holds the suit, you are at a huge risk. Your bank accounts and other sources of income (employers) might be used to help settle the debt to the creditors. Lawyers of Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group explain that certain funds are the same from garnishments due to them [...]


Being Prepared For Your Meeting of Creditors

The meeting of creditors or a 341 hearing is a mandatory process conducted by the bankruptcy trustee when there is a filing of bankruptcy. During a filing of bankruptcy, the petitioner provides several documentations related to the situation including the petition and schedules. In the hearing process, the trustee gets the opportunity to ask the petitioner questions regarding the furnished information. The answers to these questions have to be answered under oath. If you are an individual who has filed bankruptcy, it is imperative that you have to be part of this meeting of creditors. Needless to say, [...]


Review Your Credit Report before Choosing To File For Bankruptcy

Reviewing your credit report annually is extremely important so that you are aware of your current financial situation as well as checking if the information about your payments and debts is being accurately portrayed to the credit bureaus. People looking for a way out of the financial mess by filing for bankruptcy should make it a point to review their credit report before filing to ensure that all their creditors are included in the documents and schedules. As a part of the filing process, you are expected to list all your creditors. A simple mistake of omitting any [...]


Rebuilding Credit is Easy with These Steps

Though traumatic, filing for bankruptcy is an essential decision taken by people to get rid of dues which they don’t have means to pay off. Bankruptcy is of great assistance to people who have had continuous bad luck, which resulted in financial losses. Once the bankruptcy proceedings are over, bankruptcy filers get a fresh start with a clean financial slate. With some easy to follow steps, they can rebuild their credit score to live life comfortably. Here are some tips by lawyers of Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group to help rebuild your credit: […]

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