Is your Pension safe during Bankruptcy?

Getting pension benefits at the end of a hard and long career is what drives most people to work. When you retire, your pension is what you will be surviving on. However, during the course of your career, there might come a time, when you face financial problems due to which you might have to consider bankruptcy as an option to survive. Since in bankruptcy, some of your assets are used to pay off the creditors before your debts are wiped out, one of the major concern people have is whether their retirement funds are at risk? According [...]


Planning Your Retirement

There are some interesting facts to know about us, Americans, from the research of Northwestern Mutual with regards to our readiness to face retirement. Here we go! There are no retirement savings for one American out of five One in three Americans have less than $25,000 saved, especially those who are nearing retirement shortly The percentage of Americans who are somewhat concerned about affording retirement is about 78% These facts reveal the sad state of our fellow citizens who are almost ready to retire and teach us valuable lessons. It also imposes an important question at us. How [...]