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Can Car Title Loan be Discharged in Bankruptcy in California?

Often in dire situations, people resort to dire measures. Taking a car title loan is a Hail Mary for borrowers as the fees and interest rate is high. But since people are generally out of options when they choose this, it doesn’t really matter. Car title loans are short-term loans which are given on a car which you own (no car loan exists on the vehicle). You need to provide your car title and a copy of your car keys to leave as security. The lender provides you money at the same time with a fixed time frame [...]


Reducing Your Car Debt – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Have did you buy your car using finance options over the last two and a half years ago? Then if you are struggling with paying back the car loan, the Chapter 13 bankruptcy in most cases help you reduce the rate of interest on the car loan or reduce the total balance of it. Let’s understand further with a scenario – if your car loan balance is $20,000 at the end of three years and if the value of your car is just $10,000, then the remaining $10,000 converts as an unsecured debt (since the car doesn’t secure this). A percentage of this unsecured [...]


How to Avoid Falling Back and Accumulating Loans After Your Bankruptcy Proceedings?

The decision to file for bankruptcy is a tough one. However, clearing up the financial mess is not easy for many unless they choose to file for bankruptcy. Once you have repaid your dues as per court-mandated programme, you get a clean financial slate, meaning, you can easily start over. It will be surprising to know that soon after their bankruptcy is discharged, many debtors start receiving calls from credit card companies, mortgage finance companies or car loan lenders, offering them a variety of credit offers. It will be surprising to know that many of these creditors are [...]