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Fresh Approaches To Student Loans

Call: 888-297-6203 Credit card debt is now second only to student loans in terms of total consumer debt. More and more of our population is burdened with often-staggering debt as a result of the continually increasing expense of education and the decreasing availability of public education choices. The types of repayment plans you may pick from and options to get your loans back on track if they are federally guaranteed have also proliferated. The public service loan forgiveness programme and income-based repayment programmes are the two most intriguing choices. Plan for repayment depending on income Most loans tie [...]


What to do if Mortgage Lender Refuses to Send Monthly Statements Post-Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a trying time for people who are debt-ridden. Even after getting a discharge through bankruptcy, the secured debts and priority debts remain. If a debtor who has a mortgage on their house but didn’t reaffirm the loan during bankruptcy continues making monthly payments towards the loan but does not receive monthly mortgage statements from the lender, can be in trouble. Since sending periodic statements can be construed as a violation of the automatic stay provision of bankruptcy, there exists a debate over it. The automatic stay prevents creditors to take any collection action and these statements [...]


Taking Care of Student Loan Debt after Bankruptcy

If you are unable to pay off your creditors, filing for bankruptcy is one of the best options available. However, there are some financial obligations like student loan debt, some taxes, child or spousal support, etc. that survive bankruptcy filing unless you can prove that repaying them will become a huge financial burden. Can debtors actually get a fresh financial start, if they still need to pay student loans? If you ask Los Angeles based lawyers of Recovery Law Group law firm, the answer is yes. Tips to Manage Student Loan Debt after Bankruptcy The 1st and most [...]


How to Avoid Falling Back and Accumulating Loans After Your Bankruptcy Proceedings?

The decision to file for bankruptcy is a tough one. However, clearing up the financial mess is not easy for many unless they choose to file for bankruptcy. Once you have repaid your dues as per court-mandated programme, you get a clean financial slate, meaning, you can easily start over. It will be surprising to know that soon after their bankruptcy is discharged, many debtors start receiving calls from credit card companies, mortgage finance companies or car loan lenders, offering them a variety of credit offers. It will be surprising to know that many of these creditors are [...]