Medical Bills

Steps To Leave Behind Medical Debt In Bankruptcy

Call: 888-297-6203 Are you worried about your medical bills and contemplating bankruptcy? It's not just you. Medical debt is a problem for millions of Americans. But some might be curious about how our possible bankruptcy would be impacted by changes to the sorts of medical debt that are shown on your credit report. What you need to know is as follows: Medical Debt: What Sort of Debt Is It? If you have medical debt and are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you need to know the distinctions between secured and unsecured debt. Having this knowledge might be useful [...]


Can Medical Debts Be Responsible For Your Bankruptcy?

Call: 888-297-6203 Filing for bankruptcy is an unfortunate event that may or may not be because of the individual. Sometimes, ill-advised investment or spending beyond your means can be the reason for incurring a huge amount of debts. However, many times, it is unfortunate circumstances like loss of job, costly divorce, unplanned pregnancy or huge medical bills that can be the reason for a bankruptcy filing, say lawyers of Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group. Illness is one of the most common causes which leads to bankruptcy filing with nearly 62% of bankruptcy cases attributed [...]


Will Filing for Bankruptcy Get Rid of Your Medical Debt?

Medical debt is one of the most common debt which the American citizens face today. In fact, you will be surprised to know that approximately 72 million Americans are struggling to pay off their medical debt. This actually means, more than 40% of the working citizens are struggling with medical debts today! Of course, there are multiple reasons why people fall in a debt, but surprisingly, medical debts is one of the most common one so far. In fact, as per the statistics and reports, the millennials are the one who are falling under the medical debt faster [...]


Health Coverage – California

The number of Americans who want the appropriate Health coverage and costs connected with health care in the U.S have only grown exponentially. This is a disturbing phenomenon on the affordability of the health-care system and nevertheless, This had been a plan for Barack Obama, When He ran for the president in 2008. To reform health care to make it affordable and to have basic health insurance coverage for the citizens had the foremost action points for the president. As critical was this priority, The president threw the above within 14 months of his presidency stature. The enactment [...]


Can Bankruptcy Help Eliminate Medical Bills?

Financial problems can arise due to many factors, one of which is huge medical bills. If non-payment of medical dues can cause economic issues for you, you might have to file for bankruptcy to save yourself from insurmountable debts. However, many times, clients feel guilty about filing for bankruptcy, probably due to the fact that they somehow were incapable of arranging for such an emergency which may lead to the feeling of incompetence. It is important to remember while taking a guilt trip; that this is something nobody asked for and therefore bankruptcy is not something one should [...]