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Tips to Find The Perfect Insolvency Attorney in Goodyear, Arizona

Call: 888-297-6203 Falling short of funds and incapability to pay back financial obligations may put you under tremendous pressure, and can prove fatal for your family’s future. Although right now everything may seem a little bleak, all is not lost. Getting the right professional help at the right time will certainly bring you out of this mess. Research and hire a competent bankruptcy attorney for yourself who has the suitable knowledge and background to successfully handle your type of case just like Recovery Law Group (call on 888-297-6203). Finding the Right Lawyer! Check on the web for reviews [...]


Worried About Huge Debts? Bankruptcy Help is Available

Financial troubles can hit anyone anytime, however, this should not be the cause of worry for you. People have come out of worse conditions unscathed. According to Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, bankruptcy is one of the best ways to get rid of a huge amount of debts without causing much strain on your life. There can be several reasons why a person ends up accumulating large amounts of debts, such as bad financial decisions, unexpected job loss, huge credit card bills, sudden medical emergencies, etc. Irrespective of the reason, bankruptcy can help you [...]


Criminalizing Private Debts

There are criminal proceedings on defaulters on the debts that they owe to creditors. Let’s take a scenario where the debtor has fallen sick and has missed out on the payments that he/ she regularly makes. The notices about missed payments have just been ignored since the debtor is away on treatment. The piled up debt now invites court hearings – the intimations of these too have not been attended to and this eventually turns out to issuing of warrants for the arrest of the debtor for the failed payments. This is not a surreal scenario and can [...]


Debtor’s Rights – The Right Knowledge

Persistent calls for dues to be paid out and continuous prompting by the collection agents for the payments waiting to be collected can be very frustrating. But as a debtor, it will be important to know your rights when it comes to handling these situations with the debt collectors Right to protection – Debt collectors are mandated to follow practices put forward by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). These standards have been enforced to prevent harassment and any other extreme measure affecting the debtor Restrict the call time window – As a person, you are entitled to your life and time. Hence restrict the duration and the call time window. Be affirmative that [...]


Debt Collection Calls – Be Guarded

The courthouse has seen scenarios when the creditor reaches out to the consumer with a large valued liability for making calls to the consumer’s cell phone – the calls are the debt collection calls that are mostly placed via an auto-dialler. It has to be checked if the creditor is adhering to the limits set forth by the federal laws for the usage of automated dialling machines. Do we know when the creditor uses an auto-dialler? If there is silence for a few moments when you have picked your call, then the collection agent may be using an auto-dialler If [...]


Is There a Difference Between Bankruptcy & Debt Settlement?

A stroke of misfortune or sheer bad luck with monetary investments may result in severe financial problems for people. If you too are struggling through insoluble debts, you are faced with 2 choices as per Sacramento based law firm Recovery Law Group - filing for bankruptcy or opting for debt settlement. However, to become financially stable again, you need to choose between the 2 options available to you. Though many people are aware of bankruptcy, not much is known about debt settlement. It is important for debtors to understand the difference between the two, for them to choose [...]


Bankruptcy Basis – How To Get Discharge in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy discharge varies on the type of bankruptcy chapter the case is filed under by the debtor. Bankruptcy discharge relinquishes a debtor from any personal liability for some specified types of debts i.e. a debtor is no longer legally bound to pay any debts that are discharged by the court. Since the discharge is permanent, creditors are prohibited from taking any action (legal action or communication with the debtor, letter, phone call, personal contact, etc.) for the collection of discharged debts. Though the debtor is not to be held personally liable for any discharged debts, a valid lien [...]


Rules for Debt Collectors – When and How They Can Contact You?

Debt collection attorneys can inform you that as per FDCPA norms, any debt collector can contact you by mail, in person, by telegram or telephone only during “appropriate hours” i.e. generally between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Also, within 5 days of 1st contact with you, the debt collector is expected to send you a written notice informing you: […]


Live the American Dream without any Debts

The quintessential American dream has brought many people to the country where everyone has equal opportunity to make it big. Before economic recessions caused financial distress to numerous people, the American dream meant having a huge house, big car, access to a large number of credits to spend like the rich and famous. However, stagnation has caused many Americans to lose their jobs to business contractions, their homes to foreclosure and overspending to the credit crisis. This has caused disillusionment in many people leading them to question whether the American dream can be realized without incurring huge debts. [...]


How to Protect Yourself from Harassing Debt Collectors and Autocalls

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) had been formulated to protect debtors from the malpractice of collection agencies and creditors to autodial the debtors. Not only is the practice problematic, annoying and repetitive, but they can also be quite inconvenient at times. However, thanks to TCPA, you are no longer to put up with these auto calls. As per Los Angeles based lawyers belonging to Recovery Law Group law firm, in case you have denied permission or added yourself to the Do Not Call Registry and are yet receiving autocalls, you need a debt attorney. Some of the steps [...]

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