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Are you up at night and can’t sleep due to the stress from your bills? Stressed out all day? Not performing well in your personal and professional life because you are concerned about your finances? We are here to help you find the solutions by fixing the foundation i.e. by regaining control of your finances and educating you about your legal options as a consumer in the United States of America.

Make the most suitable choice for a brighter tomorrow. And who other than us can help you build a better future? Why? It’s because we don’t offer cookie cutter solutions to all our clients. We study each case thoroughly and prepare a customized legal plan to help you find the best solution as per your circumstances and needs. Not only do we handle bankruptcy work and eliminating your debt but if any of your creditors or lenders have violated the law during an attempt to collect that debt we will file a lawsuit against them! That’s right – we will not only eliminate the debt you owe them legally through the bankruptcy process but we will sue them on your behalf on a contingency basis (meaning no legal cost to you out of pocket unless we collect damages on your behalf)!

We help you breathe easy again in the following ways.

Flexible Schedule, Easy Legal Consultations

The need to pay off all debts might have put you into a troubling routine that does not allow you anytime to learn about your legal options by coming into the office. Does competing to meet the obligations of life and your finances make it seem impossible to find any time to learn about your legal options ? You need our help! With us, you don’t need to adjust your work and life schedule to meet with us. We offer remote consultations planned just according to your schedule that are flexible and convenient.

We have established a unique process that allows us to offer you maximum convenience and make us available 24/7 anywhere, anytime. From online document sharing to telephonic consulting and video calling, we make sure to remove friction from the process of getting justice. Contact us today to schedule a time to speak with one of our consultants or lawyers!

We Bring You The Right Tools

With our in-depth legal understanding and years of experience, we have built our full arsenal of tools to assist you with your unique case. We bring you the right set of tools required to help you achieve your desired goal.

Some tools, that have assisted our clients in achieving their goals seamlessly, include these.

We understand that heartless creditor calls after overwhelming medical bills leave you deprived of effective solutions. However, we are here to assist you, no matter if you are snowed under credit card debt or fighting to delay foreclosure. We can help you solve your problems.

Our Team of Dedicated and Experienced Attorneys

Your case is safe in the hands of our dedicated and experienced attorneys. Throughout our years of practice, we have understood the legal system and laws to the core, and we have brought together the strategies and legal systems in a way that helps us to protect consumers and resolve the problems of our clients, uniquely.

We are not a team of lawyers that have only one solution for our clients. Due to the way we practice law we can help to protect your consumer rights and help you sue a creditor if they have been harassing you or your family and we can also assist in discharging the debt through bankruptcy. We are here to create and execute plans using the best possible legal solutions for you, our clients.

Our plan is to work in accordance with your goals, which may include sending your kids to college, purchasing a new home, planning a regular family vacation, or just getting rid of the stress that comes along with being in debt. Our unique process includes an evaluation of your current situation, finding legal protection options, preparing a plan, and then using the legal system to protect that plan, and providing you with options to start fresh and move on to a stress-free life. We can help you rebuild your finances and credit.

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    Not only will we make the calls stop… if they continue we will sue them on your behalf to collect damages if they have violated the law in an attempt to collect a debt.

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