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Credit Rehabilitation or Rebuilding Your Credit

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The power of a solid credit score is unbeatable in current financial setup. After bankruptcy, many people end up swearing off credit, which is nothing but another mistake. Your creditworthiness not only helps find your eligibility to purchase a home or get a loan, but it also defines the interest rates applicable to your future finances. It can also impact the apartment rentals or the interest of vehicle that you just purchased.

Credit card’s are not evil, but the wrong way of using it makes credit card evil. By using it smartly, you can avoid high interests and qualify for your desired loan even after bankruptcy. As your credit report starts building again, the importance of bankruptcy starts vanishing from your credit report and scoring.

We have partnered with credit companies and services to help create, a formulaic, step by step approach to rebuild your credit. Our bankruptcy lawyers strive to help rebuild our clients credit to a 720+ credit score. We will also continue to monitor your credit and history for violations in the future as well.

Building Credit After Bankruptcy

A majority of the creditor and credit companies do not want you to understand how credit works. Therefore, building credit after bankruptcy could be overwhelming in certain instances. You may not know how your current financial setup is factored on your credit report or which factors will be included to calculate your credit score, especially after bankruptcy.

However, this is also the most sensitive era of your financial history. It is important to make worthy decisions at this stage to protect your financial future. With our support, you can build your credit report within 12-24 months time after bankruptcy. We don’t make you rely on our services, but we help you understand the complex processes and algorithm of credit reports, which assists you for lifetime.

We Help You Build a Strong Financial Future

Building a credit could be as daunting as paying your debts. It is like fighting the same war that you just lost. We understand your condition and fears which is why, we are determined to not only help you build your creditworthiness, but also help you build your confidence so that you do not rely on anyone to take your financial decisions in the future. We understand your credit report and provide you with the valuable information of how the credit score works and what companies are looking for during the rebuilding of your credit background.

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