Debtor’s Rights - Right to Protection

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Debtor’s Rights – The Right Knowledge

Persistent calls for dues to be paid out and continuous prompting by the collection agents for the payments waiting to be collected can be very frustrating. But as a debtor, it will be important to know your rights when it comes to handling these situations with the debt collectors

Right to protection – Debt collectors are mandated to follow practices put forward by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). These standards have been enforced to prevent harassment and any other extreme measure affecting the debtor

Restrict the call time window – As a person, you are entitled to your life and time. Hence restrict the duration and the call time window. Be affirmative that the debt collectors are refrained from calling or reaching out to you beyond the specific times of a day. As a countermeasure, do not avoid or ignore the calls – it is apt, to be honest and upfront with the creditors.

If the collection agency transactions are done via mail, then insist on the receipts for payments and also request for proof of delivery. It can help you if they claim that they never received your transactions

Do not entertain at work – The workplace is not the territory that the debt collectors can invade. It also mars your image in front of your employer. It is to be noted that this is strictly enforced by the FDPCA and hence state you’re right

No verbal abuse – If they cannot be polite, the debt collectors cannot be abusive either. A collector is prohibited from using certain types of languages and don’t hesitate to fight back the verbal harassment if meted out.

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