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What Do You Understand by Disposable Income?

Many people find bankruptcy a great way out of spiraling debts. Consulting a bankruptcy attorney to find out which bankruptcy chapter suits your condition the best is important. However, people come across the term ‘disposable income’ too often during bankruptcy discussions and are often confused as to what it means. According to bankruptcy lawyers of Los Angeles based firm Recovery Law group, disposable income is the amount of your monthly gross income which remains after all essential bankruptcy expenses are subtracted from it. Disposable income is important to decide which chapter of bankruptcy you qualify; Chapter 7 to [...]


Know about Texas Bankruptcy Exemptions

Filing for bankruptcy is often considered to be a taboo. You need to open your mind to realize that it is one of the best options to manage your finances, especially if you are struggling with large debts. The government provides various exemptions to debtors when they file for bankruptcy. Call 888-297-6023 to know more about these exemptions and how you can benefit from them. Apart from federal bankruptcy exemptions, every state has its own list of exemptions which protect a large portion of bankruptcy filer’s property. When you file for bankruptcy, everything you own becomes a part [...]


What Impact Does Low Bankruptcy Filing in Los Angeles has?

Most of the people living in cities like Los Angeles and Dallas, TX face the dilemma of whether to file for bankruptcy or not. In the last decade, there were quite a large number of people who used to file up for bankruptcy to overcome their debt. However, this number has rapidly declined in the past few years to such an extent that it has reached to lowest of the past 10 years. According to the statistics shown by the United States Bankruptcy Court, the number of bankruptcy filings in Central district of California has dropped down to [...]


Different Ways of Supplementing Your Income

Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in America, where the cost of living is 43% more than the national average and cost of housing is more than Two times the national average. This has led many people residing here to live under debt or impatiently wait for their pay cheque every month. Many people are looking for alternatives to supplement their income. The gig of short-term work is on the rise. Selling your stuff on the internet to increase your income is a great way. Thanks to the internet, A lot of options are available [...]


Bankruptcy – An Advisable Strategic Move

Since the bankruptcy law overhaul in the year 2005, there has been a forecast of reduction in the number of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York in a report states that this condition could be a trend. On the other hand, it also indicates, that filing for bankruptcy is not as negative and bad as believed by the public. The lack of understanding amongst the U.S. public about the way bankruptcy works is mainly the reason for the forecast of a decline in bankruptcy filings. There’s more to the same [...]


Know Everything about PayDay Loan

The name might be confusing for people who have not faced any financial problems. A payday loan is a short term loan which is due when you get your next paycheque. Most of the times, the loan is taken due to some financial problem causing an unexpected increase in expenses (medical ailments, etc.) It is a difficult time as once you have taken a payday loan, you are continuously living in the terror of harassing debt collectors. You also constantly worry whether you will be able to make essential payments like bills etc., have enough to eat while [...]


Effect of Bankruptcy on Credit

The effect of filing bankruptcy will remain on your record of credit for a period of ten years. But there is nothing to panic, as this statement doesn’t conclude that you will not be able to further get any debts or finances. In effect, the bankruptcy filing will not be the end of your credit journey. A new start to your financial status Eliminating the debts through the filing of a bankruptcy will give you the provision to start afresh and start saving too! Routine household expenses of groceries, clothing needs and automobile needs can now be accomplished [...]


How to Stop Foreclosure on Your Property?

Since a majority of the population purchases the property by taking a loan, non-payment of dues may result in you losing control over any such property. Some financial decisions may cause people to fall into a bad economic situation, which may cause you to fall behind on loan payments. Unless you make a decision soon, you might forfeit your property too. For timely intervention and proper guidance, search for bankruptcy lawyers near me and make a consult sooner than later. […]


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in California, Nevada, and Texas

High secured debts such as mortgaging of home or car payment can pose a problem around repayment for some of the citizens. Initially, the bank that has lent the money contacts the debtor regarding the payment updates after it has defaulted for a month or two – the bank resorts to persistent phone calls (low-level adverse proceedings). They can steer towards high-level adverse proceedings such as foreclosure or repossession if the debtor continues to default. The debtor in certain scenarios may just need some extra time as he can facilitate the means to pay the moneylender. Chapter 13 [...]


Are Debt Collectors Still Harassing You? Here’s What You Can Do

If you are facing economic problems due to which you are unable to make payments on your dues and are being harassed by collection agents, then you are in for luck. As per lawyers of Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group, under certain circumstances, such collectors can be held liable for harassing people and may have to pay the consumer for calling them up on cell phone. According to Bankruptcy Attorney Los Angeles, there are strict laws in place which prohibit the use of automated dialling machines by debt collectors. However, it is important that you recognize the signs of automated [...]

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