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Worried About Your Debt Problems? Trust Bankruptcy Lawyers to Resolve These Issues for You

Many people who are trying to make their ends meet while simultaneously struggling to pay their dues are often worried about how they are going to pass this phase. Since credit ratings are of huge importance, non-payment of dues will result in bad credit ratings which will make things worse. In case you are facing wage garnishments, worried about foreclosure, repossession of your vehicle, etc., then it is time to look for bankruptcy lawyers near me. One of the best Bankruptcy Attorney Los Angeles firm, Recovery Law Group is committed to helping out families and individuals who are going through a bad financial phase and [...]


Will Filing Bankruptcy Require Liquidating of Business?

It isn’t uncommon for a business owner encountering situations wherein revenues decline and debts become surplus. Planning and executing business is by itself a challenge and being in junctures of financial instability can be equally worrying. Luckily, the U.S. Bankruptcy Code is a saving grace to address these startling situations of the financial crisis in businesses and in personal front too! The key question of a business person is whether the business needs to be liquidated in bankruptcy. To throw some clarity to this, here are some important factors that are to be understood while the business owner [...]


Do You Need an Attorney While Filing for Bankruptcy?

Troubled financial times may cause people to make rash decisions, which will throw them further into an abyss. For people who are considering bankruptcy as a mean to get out of a bad financial situation, there are two options available. You can either file “pro se” or use a lawyer to file bankruptcy papers. Many people think, that by avoiding hiring a lawyer, they are actually saving money in legal fees. However, if you are not fully aware of the procedure, you might end up sabotaging your case which might worsen your already bad condition. […]


Benefits of Bankruptcy Consultation

More often than not, people prefer dealing with severe financial problems than opting for bankruptcy as the word has been often been misconstrued. A bankruptcy filing is a legal and one of the best methods to come out of financial problems and start life afresh. However, before you make a decision to file for bankruptcy, it is important to get a consultation with skilled bankruptcy lawyers such as those of Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group. What to Expect in Bankruptcy Consultation? Taking legal assistance for your financial problems is important as sometimes you might not [...]


How to Recover your Finances After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a hard chapter in an individual’s life, however, a very long road lies ahead after your case wraps up. Any and all financial decisions you make after the bankruptcy case is over are going to be equally important. For regaining control of your finance, it is important that you consult bankruptcy attorneys such as those available at Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group. Tips to Rebuild Credit after Bankruptcy Case The most important point to take care of, once you are through with your bankruptcy case is to clear your financial dues and start [...]


Know More About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Exemptions

Bad financial decisions can cause a change of fate. This can happen to anyone, anytime. Filing for bankruptcy offers a way to salvage not just your property but also allows you to get a fresh start. Bankruptcy can be filed by an individual or company under various chapters. Chapter 13 or wage earner’s bankruptcy is for people with a steady source of income. Like other chapters, exemptions are available under chapter 13 reimbursement proposal. They are also helpful in calculating the amount that the debtor will pay. Under chapter 13 bankruptcy, one can keep all their property, but [...]

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