Step By Step Guide To Addressing Bankruptcy And Piling Debt

  • Step By Step Guide To Addressing Bankruptcy And Piling Debt

Step By Step Guide To Addressing Bankruptcy And Piling Debt

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Debt has been one of the most common villains currently in many people’s lives. Due to uncertain conditions, changes in economic dynamics, increased competition, lack of jobs, etc., piled-up debt is the story of every second household. Many magazines and stats suggest that consumer debt has blown off the roof in recent times. The reason can be many starting from health expenditure, overspending, unemployment, gambling, and mismanagement of money, it is important to distance oneself from the lucrative ads that offer a quick fix. The solution to piling debt or bankruptcy needs to be addressed cautiously as one wrong move could lead to several years of distress.

What are the alternatives to bankruptcy?

There can be several scars that could come to haunt for several years if using bankruptcy to shield against the rising debts. It is important to carefully assess the alternatives before considering bankruptcy. In simpler terms, if none of the alternatives workout bankruptcy must be the last resort and not the first one. Some of the alternative ways to address debt pile up apart from bankruptcy can be listed as follows-

  1. In this era of uncertainty, depending on the type of creditors, there is always a scope for a favorable debt re-arrangement. Creditors also need their money at the earliest and they do not want to get into further legal complications and might be willing to make certain re-arrangements that allow for some flexibility and relief. If the lender is someone close to the borrower, there are chances of partial waive offs and other relief arrangements.
  2. In case the borrower is not very sure of the arrangements made by the lenders, they can reach out to quality credit counseling service providers through the site Also, this is recommended more so when there are multiple lenders, and it is difficult to coordinate with all of them. There are certain organizations that offer the service for free or for a nominal cost. You can check the link above and get more information.
  3. The third option is referred to as a loan to clear another loan. In this scenario, the borrower raises another loan to payout a few loans to consolidate the loan or manage immediate payments or prevent defaults. The most common loan taken in these situations is the home mortgage loan. There is a need for excessive caution while considering this option as the borrower’s home becomes collateral in case of defaults.

What if you opt for Bankruptcy?

The biggest flaw of bankruptcy is the scar that it leaves on one’s financial worthiness for a period of 10 years. Once bankruptcy is declared there are possible obstacles to getting future credit, insurance, home mortgage loans, etc. The other aspect of bankruptcy is a huge amount of attorney fees. Bankruptcy is a lengthy procedure, and it isn’t easy to find ways to satisfy lenders as well as safeguard necessities like home, car, and other essentials.

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