Potential reasons for the dismissal of Social Security Disability Benefits

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Potential reasons for the dismissal of Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Disability Insurance association offers benefits to people suffering from a disability. It can at the same time dismiss the applications if it does not satisfy the norms. What may be the reasons to dismiss? The applicant must know before filling the form. They can log on to Recovery Law Group for a clear perspective.

Reasons for dismissing Social Security Disability Benefits can be the following-:

  1. Improper or incorrect information filled in the form by the applicant. There is a form that the applicant needs to fill to apply for the benefit. He/she must fill the form accurately or the administrator can dismiss the case.
  2. The monthly salary of the applicant is more than $1,040. With such a salary the applicant can handle his medical expenses; hence he may not need financial Hence, the administrator can dismiss the case.
  3. The disability will be cured within 12 months. The disability must last more than 12 months to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Small disability can be overcome and covered by the applicant if it is not severe and is recovered within 12 months. The applicant may get fit for gainful employment.
  4. The applicant did not present the medical records and related information about the disability requested by the Social security Administrators. The medical reports show the severity of the client’s disability condition that helps the administrator to get a clear perspective of the disability. If the medical report does not satisfy the associates, they can dismiss the case.
  5. Due to the improper address on the application, the SSDI associates may not be able to locate the applicant and hence can dismiss the case. Hence, to gain benefits the applicant must fill their present address with absolute clarity in the form.

The SSDI & SSI are for the benefits for people suffering from a disability. They want to really help people. However, the applicant must satisfy the associates and fill the form accurately. The benefits can help the applicant lead a decent life and cover his/her medical expenses. Dependent members like spouses and children of the applicant are also liable to enjoy the Social Security benefit. As the source of income is stopped due to disability. The SSDI & SSI are there to help genuine people and wants to steer clear from people who can misuse the benefits. The applicant can gain more information by calling on 888-297-6203.