Eligibility for SSDI & SSI Benefits

  • Social Security Disability Insurance

Eligibility for SSDI & SSI Benefits

The laws are made for the benefits of the citizens of the USA. However, while some may be ignorant to use it, others are too intelligent to wrongly employ it for their benefit. Hence, the Government, in order to prevent misuse of the benefits have issued forms/application that allows them to choose the right candidate. The right candidate apparently, may not know about the benefits they can get and may miss and suffer unnecessarily. The site Recovery Law Group helps such candidate to apply and get the SSDI & SSI Benefits.

SSDI or Social Security Disability InsuranceSSI or Social Security Income are benefits that a person can avail in case of a disability that may prevent him/her to carry out normal living condition. The person’s disability may be temporary or permanent. The disability may leave a person redundant and incapable of performing any work without the help of another person.

 A disabled person can apply for benefits if he/she qualifies the following criterions.

  1. Duration

A person may be disabled for six months or for a few years. The government sites people who will remain disabled for a year or so. Minimum 12 months/ a full year the candidate should be out of work due to a disability, only then he is eligible for benefits.

  1. Working conditions

Will the candidate be able to continue work after being disabled? What was the income before he was disabled? These are a few questions that need to be answered by the candidate.

  • The candidate due to a disability may not go back to work even after he is cured. In conditions like an amputated leg or hand may prevent the candidate to take up the previous and
  • his average gross earnings from the previous job were less than $ 1,040 per month,

then he is eligible for the disability benefits.

  1. Substitute work

Maybe the candidate is not able to continue his previous work but is eligible to do other work to generate income, then he is unlikely to get the benefits. Many disabled persons can be well-qualified/experienced/ to work, despite being disabled.

  1. Condition during disability

Candidates who are required to visit the doctor regularly for their medical condition and are unable to do any other work, i.e. completely bed-ridden qualify for the benefits.

  1. List of disablements

A list is designed that contains severe medical conditions. If the candidate’s condition falls under that list, then the candidate becomes automatically eligible for disability benefits. However, even if the conditions of the candidate do not fall under the list but, the severity of the condition falls alongside the List of Impairments, the Social Security Administration qualifies him for disability benefits.

If the person is disabled due to an accident, he/she must take the disability benefits. For more information call 888-297-6203.