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How to Protect Your Home during Bankruptcy?

Most people take mortgages when they purchase their house. With time the property value might appreciate or depreciate. Being unable to make mortgage payments might send you in debt. When you file for bankruptcy, you have options to save your home. However, an accurate assessment of what your home is worth is essential. According to lawyers of Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group , when you file for bankruptcy, some equity of homestead exemption is available to protect your home. Individuals can opt for federal or state exemptions (if the choice is available in their [...]


Can any 3rd Party Take Advantage of Automatic Stay in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is confusing and terrifying to most common people. Though there are benefits associated with it like automatic stay and discharge of unsecured debts at the end of the bankruptcy, sometimes, a bankruptcy case might be ‘hijacked’ by another debtor who wishes to take advantage of your bankruptcy case and the subsequent automatic stay. Automatic stay helps in putting arrest to all collection actions by creditors including repossession, foreclosure, threatening emails, phone calls, etc. However, Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers inform, creditors may request a relief from the automatic stay clause. This happens in case debtor “participated in [...]


Who is Notified of Your Bankruptcy Filing?

Despite being one of the best legal options to get rid of accumulated debt, people refrain from filing for bankruptcy probably because they fear being judged. One of the major concerns people have is that their bankruptcy will be announced to their family and friends, which probably is shameful for them. While considering bankruptcy, and to quell any fear, it is important that people are aware of who will be aware of their bankruptcy filing. According to Dallas based law firm Recovery Law Group, there are two chapters under which individual debtors can file for bankruptcy – Chapter [...]


What Happens if You Forget to Include a Creditor in Your Bankruptcy?

A lot of paperwork is involved when you file for bankruptcy, including documentation for your income, assets, and a comprehensive list of your debts as well as your creditors. This complete list of creditors is used by the court to inform everyone concerned about your bankruptcy. Since all of this involves a lot of paperwork, it is quite possible that one or two creditors might miss making the list. Since creditors also have legal rights in your bankruptcy case, if any of them fails to get a mention in your list of creditors while filing for bankruptcy, what [...]


My Cosigner Filed for Bankruptcy; Does it Impact Me?

In many different places, getting loans or line of credit is not easy. There is always a requirement of a guarantor or a cosigner. Parents, relatives, spouse, or friends could play as guarantor/cosigner. How does the bankruptcy of one cosigner impact the other person? This is what we will discuss in detail here. For best and quick solution on bankruptcy related issues, just hop to Recovery Law Group. Cosigner and the relationship A Cosigner is a person who is liable to pay the loan in case the primary borrower defaults. The Cosigner is the backup plan for the [...]


Taxes in Bankruptcy

People with overwhelming debts often seek bankruptcy as a viable solution. However, even in bankruptcy, certain debts such as secured debts like mortgage and car loan as well as government taxes and child and spousal support cannot be avoided. Apart from federal taxes, certain states like California also impose state income tax on its citizens. Similar to credit card debt, tax debt also gets added up and often becomes difficult to manage. A bankruptcy filing can definitely get rid of your unsecured debts but many people are confused regarding its effect on their taxes. What to know before [...]


How to Get Mortgage Post-Bankruptcy? – Read This Guide

Many people think that life after bankruptcy is like living in hell. However, this is just a myth. If you act wisely and take the right decisions, your life after bankruptcy can be quite smooth and back on track. You can also get a mortgage to build your own house but it takes about 2- 3 years for this to happen. Since the present day price of houses is quite huge, hence it is very obvious for the lenders to be much more cautious before lending. Thus, to get a mortgage post-bankruptcy needs proper guidance and planning. This [...]


Planning Your Retirement

There are some interesting facts to know about us, Americans, from the research of Northwestern Mutual with regards to our readiness to face retirement. Here we go! There are no retirement savings for one American out of five One in three Americans have less than $25,000 saved, especially those who are nearing retirement shortly The percentage of Americans who are somewhat concerned about affording retirement is about 78% These facts reveal the sad state of our fellow citizens who are almost ready to retire and teach us valuable lessons. It also imposes an important question at us. How [...]


Can Bankruptcy Help Eliminate Medical Bills?

Financial problems can arise due to many factors, one of which is huge medical bills. If non-payment of medical dues can cause economic issues for you, you might have to file for bankruptcy to save yourself from insurmountable debts. However, many times, clients feel guilty about filing for bankruptcy, probably due to the fact that they somehow were incapable of arranging for such an emergency which may lead to the feeling of incompetence. It is important to remember while taking a guilt trip; that this is something nobody asked for and therefore bankruptcy is not something one should [...]


Here’s How We Can Help You With Chapter 7 And Chapter 13 Issues

Bankruptcy has been a serious concern since forever, however many homeowners, families and individuals throughout the U.S. consider it the right choice. To understand bankruptcy protection or liquidation process does require an experienced and comprehensively knowledgeable legal professional, who further will guide you through its system. Recovery Law Group is committed to guiding you as you prepare for bankruptcy and protection. […]