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Different Categories of Debts During Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a complicated process especially when the filer possesses different kinds of debts. Classifying the debts in the right order or priority might seem simple but is a very complicated process. These debts can be replaced by a phrase called ‘lender claims’ or ‘creditor claim’. The first step to this complicated process is to segregate debt between secured and unsecured debts. Secured means debts which have a lien or a security backing in the form of collateral. You will use Schedule D to list such secured creditors. While unsecured debts are debts which are given without [...]


What is No-Asset Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

While the Chapter 7 is known as the bankruptcy code which sets off debt from the liquidation of assets, it can be surprising to learn about No-Asset Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It could be even more surprising to note that most of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy California cases are No-Asset cases. The no-asset case is a scenario where, the filer does not give in any asset or cash to the bankruptcy trustee for liquidation. The filer instead keeps possession of all the assets, he/she owns. The lenders or creditors will not expect any proceeds or debt settlement, as there [...]


The Means Test For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Eligibility

Bankruptcy has different Chapters which can have certain benefits or disadvantages depending on the specific financial condition of an individual. The first step before deciding on filing for bankruptcy is to analyze the eligibility aspects. An individual can qualify for one or more Chapters simultaneously or there could be some adjustments made based on the suggestions of reliable attorney to qualify for beneficial bankruptcy code. Recovery Law Group can not only help you find an excellent attorney but can also guide you through with some basics of bankruptcy and its Chapters. Chapter 7 ideology Chapter 7 is based [...]


How does a credit report react to Chapter 7?

Bankruptcy can have several benefits, like wiping off your debt, giving you a fresh start, helping you with all the financial mess, offering some breather to recollect your finances, etc. However, it does impact your credit score, which is interlinked to your loan taking ability in the future. In fact, as per some of the latest reports, it might take over 10 years of worthy credit trust to repair the damage caused by filing for bankruptcy once. To know more such facts and to keep up yourself with the most current bankruptcy related aspects, log on to. What [...]


Filing for Bankruptcy is Easy When You Have All Details!

Filing for bankruptcy can be quite traumatic for people. Dealing with financial instability can take a toll on you. Having to look for various forms to file the bankruptcy petition can be an added burden. However, filing for bankruptcy is not that tough when you have the assistance of able bankruptcy lawyers, say Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group. A copy of official bankruptcy forms can be printed from the official United States courts website. Additional forms required by local bankruptcy court might have to be filled apart from the official forms. The rules and [...]


Common Avoidable Mistakes for Chapter 7 Means Test

A Means test is an eligibility test that is carried to assess the eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, means test is not one of the simplest tests to carry out, which creates possibilities of multiple errors. Some of them could be avoided and the eligibility for Chapter 7 can be made much easier. To learn more about Chapter 7, eligibility, alternatives, and best attorneys in your town to help you deal with this financial crisis, log on to Recovery Law Group . Some quite common avoidable errors can be listed as follows- Do you really need to [...]


Chapter 7 bankruptcy: An Assessment of Cost and Debt Discharge

If there is too much debt piled up, the only option available might be to file for bankruptcy. Before filing for bankruptcy, it will be worthy to find out what could be an estimated cost and what would be some of the debts that you could get rid off by filing for bankruptcy versus by not filing. Most of the stats indicated below are availed from reader’s surveys. To know more statistical information and technical aspects of bankruptcy, log on to Recovery Law Group. Attorney fees Keeping everything aside, the most difficult and common question to answer is [...]


Which Debts Survive Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

People often opt for bankruptcy to get control over the spiraling debts they have accumulated over a period. While in case of Chapter 7, your non-exempt property is liquidated to pay off your creditors and any remaining unsecured debts are discharged; Chapter 13 helps you to reorganize your debts and make payments towards them over a period of 3 to 5-years’ time. Your unsecured nonpriority debts are paid off through the repayment plan and any subsequent debts are discharged at the end of the period. Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, lawyers inform that there [...]


What Happens to Your Home in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Individual debtors can opt for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of bankruptcy. According to Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers people to prevent foreclosure and also catch up on the arrearage through the repayment plan. If you wish to keep your home during and after bankruptcy, consult with expert bankruptcy lawyers at 888-297-6023 to discuss your case. Chapter 13 allows you to pay your debt entirely or some portion of it over a period of 3 to 5-years through a repayment plan. You can pay mortgage arrearage including interest while staying [...]


Real Property and Bankruptcy

Filing of bankruptcy requires the filer to list the real properties he/she owns or possesses. This is done to assess the seriousness of bankruptcy and various other financial aspects to resolve the issue in the best possible manner. The ownership or interest has to be disclosed in legal language which can often be tough. To learn more about world-class attorneys and some interesting bankruptcy and related topics, do check out Recovery Law Group. Owning, possessing, having an interest, etc., are different terms associated with property ownership. There can be different ways of holding a property. The most common [...]

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