How does a credit report react to Chapter 7?

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How does a credit report react to Chapter 7?

Bankruptcy can have several benefits, like wiping off your debt, giving you a fresh start, helping you with all the financial mess, offering some breather to recollect your finances, etc. However, it does impact your credit score, which is interlinked to your loan taking ability in the future. In fact, as per some of the latest reports, it might take over 10 years of worthy credit trust to repair the damage caused by filing for bankruptcy once. To know more such facts and to keep up yourself with the most current bankruptcy related aspects, log on to.

What are the three most important things reported on my credit report?

The credit report hosts a lot of information which most individuals would not have predicted for. It is a metric that allows banks to make a thoughtful lending decision and hence, credit report might house some more than personal information as follows-

  • Employers current, past and their locations
  • Credit history and their payment history
  • All other information is available on public records that may include tax liens, court cases, judgments, bankruptcy filings, etc.

Impact of bankruptcy on credit report based on Chapters

A missed payment or a delayed payment results in damage that can be rectified in 7 years. But bankruptcy damage can take close to 10 years for recovery of the damage caused. The impact of Chapter 7 and 13 on credit score can be seen below-

  • A chapter 7 bankruptcy filed remains listed on the credit report for 10 years. It has to be removed after completion of 10 years since the bankruptcy was filed.
  • Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy California, the penalty is similar to a missed or delayed payment which could last up to 7 years from the date bankruptcy was filed. This is more convenient as you would be extending only 2 years of the negative credit report if your bankruptcy payment plan lasts for 5 years.

Another factor to consider whether the impact of the credit score can be significant or not is your existing credit score. Some people with excellent credit score filing for bankruptcy might end up losing over 100 points. People with a lower credit score will also take the pondering but it will be slightly less daunting than the loss for the high credit score bankruptcy filers.

Credit report accuracy checks

It is a healthy practice to track the progress of your credit report with your financial transactions. Under most cases, the credit report tracks transactions accurately however, there are situations when credit report has seen faulty reporting. By making regular audits on credit report can keep you on track and informed about your credit score and the perception it is creating for the lenders and the financial institutions.