bankruptcy and divorce

Twice Unlucky – Divorce And Bankruptcy

Call: 888-297-6203 Whether you like it or not, divorce and bankruptcy are connected. Financial troubles can lead to bankruptcy as well as divorce. Attorneys of Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group reveal that nearly 14% of Jacksonville population filed for divorce at least once while nearly 11,000 people filed for bankruptcy in a year. Considering these statistics, there are bound to be some overlaps. When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the combined income of the couple must be less than the state median income for a household of similar size. If both the partners are [...]


Are Bankruptcy Lawyers Adept at Handling Debt Relief during Divorce?

Divorce is a painful time. With emotions flying high, it is difficult to manage things. If coupled with bankruptcy, it can be a double whammy! Both divorce and bankruptcy involve finances and the situation might be related or independent. Sometimes, the bad financial situation can result in straining the marriage resulting in divorce, while at other times, divorce in itself might end up burning pockets. Whatever the situation, bankruptcy can be an ideal way to get rid of huge debts and begin life afresh for both parties. Are Bankruptcy and Divorce Connected? Majority of cases of divorce are [...]


Bankruptcy & Divorce – Not a wise idea!

It is definitely not a great feeling to go through a personal crisis of bankruptcy and divorce at the same time. There can be a tight interlink between the two, as divorce can lead to a bankruptcy situation as assets may get separated and also if you are turning bankrupt as a married couple, you are definitely turning unhappy with your partner leading to a divorce. Despite this link, it generally isn’t a great and wise idea to file for divorce and bankruptcy at the same time. Let’s learn how! As the court may request financial income information [...]