After Bankruptcy

How to Recover your Finances After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a hard chapter in an individual’s life, however, a very long road lies ahead after your case wraps up. Any and all financial decisions you make after the bankruptcy case is over are going to be equally important. For regaining control of your finance, it is important that you consult bankruptcy attorneys such as those available at Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group. Tips to Rebuild Credit after Bankruptcy Case The most important point to take care of, once you are through with your bankruptcy case is to clear your financial dues and start [...]


Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

Call: 888-297-6203 Everything takes time. Neither does a person become bankrupt overnight, nor does building your credit. Though bankruptcy is an effective way to get rid of a huge amount of debt, it has repercussions too. It can tank your credit score like anything. Since bankruptcy becomes public record, your efforts to get a loan might be extremely difficult for a long time. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies remain for ten and seven years respectively on your credit reports. This is because the majority of your debts are discharged without paying anything in the former case, while [...]


Is it Possible to Get Credit Card after Bankruptcy?

One of the ill effects of filing for bankruptcy is that it becomes public record and appears on your credit report. This makes it difficult for people who have recently got bankruptcy discharged to get any credit. According to Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, this is a major concern for most people. Though you might get credit, it will be at terms which will be outrightly ridiculous like high-interest rate, larger down payments (in case of a mortgage), etc. Unfortunately, you might have to wait for some time to qualify for a new credit card [...]


Simple Truths about Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a misinterpreted word that is not discussed in open conversation. A person declaring bankruptcy is often looked down by society. In fact, bankruptcy is a good way to save face from bad loans and lead a respectable life. Bankruptcy is substantially explained on Recovery Law Group, which will expose myths about bankruptcy. # 1 myth Bankruptcy is often considered petrifying. In fact, bankruptcy is a good solution from never-ending debts, wage garnishments, creditors pressurization. It offers a fresh start for debtors and abstains foreclosure. All a debtor need is an experienced bankruptcy advocate to make the [...]


When is The Best Time to File Bankruptcy?

The USA law council has designed Bankruptcy to leverage people succumbed in bad debts. People often take loans to finance a business, higher studies or for any personal work. When they take loans, they are clear of the payment strategy and follow judiciously. Apparently, people may face some problems, which may prevent them to clear loans. The loans may become huge and unmanageable.  Instead of panicking they can file bankruptcy. An experienced legal professional can guide and help them in the procedure. For help visit- Recovery Law Group. The word bankruptcy itself may scare most of the people. [...]


Review Your Credit Report before Choosing To File For Bankruptcy

Reviewing your credit report annually is extremely important so that you are aware of your current financial situation as well as checking if the information about your payments and debts is being accurately portrayed to the credit bureaus. People looking for a way out of the financial mess by filing for bankruptcy should make it a point to review their credit report before filing to ensure that all their creditors are included in the documents and schedules. As a part of the filing process, you are expected to list all your creditors. A simple mistake of omitting any [...]


Rebuilding Credit is Easy with These Steps

Though traumatic, filing for bankruptcy is an essential decision taken by people to get rid of dues which they don’t have means to pay off. Bankruptcy is of great assistance to people who have had continuous bad luck, which resulted in financial losses. Once the bankruptcy proceedings are over, bankruptcy filers get a fresh start with a clean financial slate. With some easy to follow steps, they can rebuild their credit score to live life comfortably. Here are some tips by lawyers of Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group to help rebuild your credit: […]


Is There a Difference Between Bankruptcy & Debt Settlement?

A stroke of misfortune or sheer bad luck with monetary investments may result in severe financial problems for people. If you too are struggling through insoluble debts, you are faced with 2 choices as per Sacramento based law firm Recovery Law Group - filing for bankruptcy or opting for debt settlement. However, to become financially stable again, you need to choose between the 2 options available to you. Though many people are aware of bankruptcy, not much is known about debt settlement. It is important for debtors to understand the difference between the two, for them to choose [...]


Excellent Tips for You After Bankruptcy

More often than not, circumstances cause people to take debts which they are unable to clear. Since debts keep on piling, the only solution to get respite from threats from creditors is filing for bankruptcy. Individuals, as well as business organizations going through a bad financial phase, get a new lease of life and a fresh financial start thanks to bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy lawyers of Sacramento based law firm Recovery Law Group suggest some tips for debtors to follow after their bankruptcy case are closed and all their debts discharged: […]


A Concise Guide to Thriving Financially after Bankruptcy

No matter how indebted you were before, bankruptcy offers a chance to every individual and organization to start a fresh with a clean financial slate. However, one of the major concerns of most debtors is how to keep themselves afloat, steer clear of debt and prosper financially after their bankruptcy episode. Sacramento based law firm Recovery Law Group provides some excellent tips for you to flourish even after declaring and undergoing bankruptcy proceedings. […]

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