Automatic Stay Stops Creditors in Their Tracks

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Automatic Stay Stops Creditors in Their Tracks

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When you have fallen behind on your dues, there is no way of preventing the threatening actions of creditors. You will end up facing harassing phone calls and threatening emails seeking legal action against you. Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, say that filing for bankruptcy can be the best way to not just get rid of this nuisance but also of a large amount of unsecured debts which are holding you back.

Once you file for bankruptcy, the court orders the automatic stay order to be served to all the creditors listed in your bankruptcy papers. Once the creditors are served with the order, they cannot continue with the collection efforts. Violation of the automatic stay is a punishable offense and for a change, the creditors will be at the receiving end if they try to contact you.

Know more about automatic stay benefits:

It is the first order that is issued by the bankruptcy court when you file your bankruptcy petition. The automatic stay is immediately placed into effect and remains for the entire duration of your bankruptcy case. With automatic stay in place, you are assured that your secured and unsecured creditors cannot initiate any type of collection actions. This means that your property cannot be repossessed, foreclosed or your wages garnished.

It is also important to realize that since criminal restitution, domestic support and certain property taxes are priority debts and therefore cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, the automatic stay cannot offer protection against them. This order is permanent for all debts which were included in bankruptcy and received a discharge through it. However, if a creditor gets a court order to lift the automatic stay, the protection won’t be accorded.

Having a bankruptcy lawyer can make things easier for you. If you haven’t hired one, you can schedule an appointment with experienced bankruptcy lawyers to discuss your case by calling 888-297-6023.