Non-bankruptcy Exemptions

Bankruptcy Exemptions: An Overview

Filing for bankruptcy is a last resort for many people struggling immensely with financial issues and non-payment of dues. In this trying time, bankruptcy exemptions play a massive role in both chapter 7 & chapter 13 bankruptcy. While exemptions in chapter 7 bankruptcy help determine how much property can you keep, those in chapter 13 are used to keep your repayment plan payments low. Before delving deeper, it is important to know about bankruptcy exemptions. […]


Worried About Bankruptcy? Here’s an Overview of Exemptions Granted during Bankruptcy

What if an investment you thought was your ticket to millions causes your downfall? Unable to pay your debts, many people and/or companies file for bankruptcy which offers them a lifeline. Your assets and liabilities are assessed by court trustees and judges to conclude whether your debts could be discharged. However, there are some bankruptcy exemptions too, which are used to determine how much property you can keep. […]


All You Wanted to Know About Federal Non-bankruptcy Exemptions

Apart from the choice between state and federal exemptions available for bankruptcy filers, additional exemptions in the form of federal non-bankruptcy exemptions are available. Individuals who are unable to cope with defaulting on payments and file for bankruptcy can heave a sigh of relief. People can take advantage of exemptions outside the bankruptcy code to help protect their assets when they file for bankruptcy. As these exemptions exists outside bankruptcy code, they are termed as federal non-bankruptcy exemptions. It is therefore important to have a sound understanding of the exemptions under this heading to save your property in [...]