Keep my car in bankruptcy

What are the Homestead Exemptions in Your State?

People under huge debts are often unaware of whether they can protect their house or any other asset when they file for bankruptcy. Most states allow Chapter 7 bankruptcy filers to protect some or all equity in their home. This is termed as a homestead exemption. This exemption is also available in the case of Chapter 13 too. As per Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group if you are able to get all or most of your home equity exempted, this lowers the minimum amount you need to pay your unsecured creditors. This makes your [...]


Should I Keep My Car during Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a name which often causes people to panic. This is so because most of the time, it is associated with the image of being thrown on the streets penniless. However, nothing could be farther than truth. More often than not, the financial situation of an individual is tight, which has led them to file for bankruptcy. Since financial problems can affect a number of areas of your life including your job, property, and vehicle, many people question whether it is appropriate to keep their vehicle if they plan to file for bankruptcy. […]


Benefits of Bankruptcy Consultation

More often than not, people prefer dealing with severe financial problems than opting for bankruptcy as the word has been often been misconstrued. A bankruptcy filing is a legal and one of the best methods to come out of financial problems and start life afresh. However, before you make a decision to file for bankruptcy, it is important to get a consultation with skilled bankruptcy lawyers such as those of Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group. What to Expect in Bankruptcy Consultation? Taking legal assistance for your financial problems is important as sometimes you might not [...]


How to Avoid Falling Back and Accumulating Loans After Your Bankruptcy Proceedings?

The decision to file for bankruptcy is a tough one. However, clearing up the financial mess is not easy for many unless they choose to file for bankruptcy. Once you have repaid your dues as per court-mandated programme, you get a clean financial slate, meaning, you can easily start over. It will be surprising to know that soon after their bankruptcy is discharged, many debtors start receiving calls from credit card companies, mortgage finance companies or car loan lenders, offering them a variety of credit offers. It will be surprising to know that many of these creditors are [...]