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Could You Get the Bankruptcy Court Fees Waived?

According to lawyers of Los Angeles based firm, the court system is expensive and therefore even people who file for bankruptcy need to pay a filing fee to cover the costs. However, for those who cannot afford to pay the fee, the exemption is made provided they can meet the required qualifications. Alternately, the option of paying the bankruptcy filing fee in installment is also available. Here’s everything you wanted to know about the bankruptcy fee waiver. Who can get a fee waiver? If you wish to get a fee waiver then you need to meet the following [...]


What to do If You Want to Get a Mortgage Loan After Bankruptcy?

Call: 888-297-6203 Though it is designed to relieve you of your debt issues, bankruptcy can cause huge problems for you too; especially when it comes to getting loans. When any individual files for bankruptcy, it becomes public record and appears on their credit report. This makes prospective lenders aware of the risk associated with lending money to you. Hence, you find very few creditors willing to give you the loan at rates and conditions which are acceptable to you. In case you wish to get a mortgage loan after going through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will find that [...]