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Filing Bankruptcy in case of Natural Hazard in Los Angeles

Natural calamities cause a huge impact on every individual’s life in every possible aspect. It takes several years for a person to overcome the losses caused by a natural disaster and to get back to a normal life. It causes great mental as well as financial peril on everyone’s life. Many people find it hard to overcome the financial burden due to pre-disaster debts accompanied by post-disaster losses. Hence there is a sudden boom in the number of people filing for bankruptcies immediately after a natural calamity. In recent years Los Angeles and Dallas, TX have seen many [...]


Should I Stop Using Credit Cards if I Aim to File For Bankruptcy?

Many people who are struggling with financial issues often consider bankruptcy as the means of getting out of a tough financial spot. However, if you wish to file for bankruptcy, it is important that you keep certain important things in mind as certain actions will be under scrutiny when you file for bankruptcy. Using credit cards, for example, is one such activity which might put you in a bad light when you file for bankruptcy (in either chapter). In fact, it may even have criminal consequences and may cause the judge to refute your claims for bankruptcy. [...]


Can You Afford to Ignore Credit Card Debt?

Anyone can fall into a bad financial situation anytime. During the time of financial uncertainty, it is at times difficult to make even essential payments, due to which many people come to rely on their credit cards, unaware of the fact that the dues they are accumulating so will be harder to shake off. Increasing credit card debt can cause debt collectors and creditors to come knocking on your doors and take steps to recover their dues including wage garnishment. […]


Here’s How We Can Help You With Chapter 7 And Chapter 13 Issues

Bankruptcy has been a serious concern since forever, however many homeowners, families and individuals throughout the U.S. consider it the right choice. To understand bankruptcy protection or liquidation process does require an experienced and comprehensively knowledgeable legal professional, who further will guide you through its system. Recovery Law Group is committed to guiding you as you prepare for bankruptcy and protection. […]