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Is it Possible to Reopen Your Bankruptcy Case?

Call: 888-297-6203 When people file for bankruptcy, their bankruptcy can either be dismissed because it does not fulfill all criteria, lacks some important document or has valid objections raised against it by creditors; or, the bankruptcy is discharged once all responsibilities are completed (dues are cleared). However, inform Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group lawyers, sometimes, the bankruptcy case is closed without a discharge. Since bankruptcy is a complex process, closure of case without discharge is possible. If this is the case, you will require the assistance of experienced bankruptcy lawyers. You can call 888-297-6023 to [...]


Vehicle Repossession in Bankruptcy

Debts against which the creditor has collateral are known as secured debts. Examples of secured debts include automobile loan, mortgage, etc. Since both these are essential for living a comfortable life, it is important that you are not behind on payments for such loans. Having a vehicle has become a necessity these days, considering that commuting time is considerably reduced due to them. Missing payments on your automobile loan can have severe consequences. The lender can repossess the vehicle if you end up missing payments. However, having experienced lawyers like those of Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm [...]


Marriage and Bankruptcy: What Happens If A Person with Great Credit Marries Another Who is Fresh Out of Bankruptcy?

Call: 888-297-6203 Marriage is a big decision, something which should be taken after much deliberation. Since money is often the bone of contention in most marriages which might result in divorce, having money matters sorted prior to getting married is an excellent decision. Unforeseen circumstances can send anyone in financial distress. People who decide to get married to someone who is fresh out of bankruptcy, are often worried about the effect of this decision on their finances. According to Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, marriage is not going to join the individuals’ credit automatically. [...]


Means Test of Bankruptcy

Before you want to file for bankruptcy, you may be required to take the means test. The means test can help you conclude the type of bankruptcy that you are eligible for – so in case that you pass this test, you can file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and if you do not clear this, you are still eligible to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The means test has to be calculated precisely so as to know which chapter to file the bankruptcy case against. Typically, there are two types of personal bankruptcies. Chapter 7– In this chapter of bankruptcy, most of the debtor’s assets are liquidated by a bankruptcy [...]


Alternatives to Bankruptcy Filing

Many see bankruptcy as the only solution to handle their crisis of debts. But an experienced bank attorney, Los Angeles (for those living in California) or an acclaimed law firm such as Recovery Law Group, who also operate in states of Nevada and Texas, will be able to easily access your condition and provide options to the debts problems of the consumers. Remember that paying off your debts in a regular way is the best way to clear off the dues. […]