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Bankruptcy Petition Preparers End Up In Trouble With The Court

Call: 888-297-6203 Many times, people who wish to file for bankruptcy decide to do so on their own, without hiring an attorney. In this case, they need the assistance of bankruptcy petition preparers, inform lawyers of Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group. Bankruptcy petition preparers are not lawyers but help people file the documents required for bankruptcy. they charge less than the attorney and hence people prefer to hire them. Bankruptcy petition preparers in Wisconsin ended up stirring trouble for themselves and might face criminal charges in court. Bankruptcy judge found Jennifer Abbott; a disbarred attorney, [...]


Can Mortgage Amount Remain Despite Bankruptcy?

Call: 888-297-6203 Bankruptcy is complex and requires a lot of time to understand. Having an experienced lawyer like those of Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group can be a huge asset. Managing various loans, filing papers and reaffirming certain debts can be quite confusing for the layman. Though, bankruptcy is considered to give you a way out from a huge amount of debts; yet sometimes certain debts might remain even after completion of your bankruptcy chapter. In the case of Chapter 13, individuals pay some portion of their debts through the repayment plan. These may [...]