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Could You Get the Bankruptcy Court Fees Waived?

According to lawyers of Los Angeles based firm, the court system is expensive and therefore even people who file for bankruptcy need to pay a filing fee to cover the costs. However, for those who cannot afford to pay the fee, the exemption is made provided they can meet the required qualifications. Alternately, the option of paying the bankruptcy filing fee in installment is also available. Here’s everything you wanted to know about the bankruptcy fee waiver. Who can get a fee waiver? If you wish to get a fee waiver then you need to meet the following [...]


How to Fight the Social Stigma Attached With Bankruptcy?

Call: 888-297-6203 Despite the best efforts of people to bring in the positive sides of bankruptcy, the social stigma attached to it almost always overpowers. Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group has seen various victims of this social stigma who have been struggling with the huge mound of debt but chose not to file for bankruptcy because of its effects on their life. There is no denying that there are disadvantages associated with bankruptcy, however, its pros often outweigh the cons. Many people are constantly struggling to pay their bills and lead a normal, debt-free life. [...]


When Should You Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Call: 888-297-6203 Anyone can have a streak of bad luck which might result in them in falling under an enormous amount of debt. However, unless you can get a handle on your finances, it is very difficult to get rid of the huge mountain of debt. Slowly, the situation takes a turn for the worse and you might be facing constant harassment from creditors in the form of unwanted phone calls and threatening letters. Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group says that there comes a time when people have to take the unavoidable option of [...]


Know Everything About Bankruptcy Before Opting for It

Call: 888-297-6203 Your finances are something you generally don’t discuss with everyone. If you are facing some monetary problems, your family or a few friends might be able to come to your rescue. If, however, the debt is too much, even they can’t help. Bankruptcy might be the only possible way to legally get rid of debt. Despite the advantages of bankruptcy, it is important that you don’t jump into it without being aware of the details or you might end up blindsided. Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, suggests that it is always important [...]


Is Personal Information Revealed During Bankruptcy?

Call: 888-297-6203 Unable to meet financial commitment is a cause of embarrassment for most people. Majority of them choose to file for bankruptcy to get rid of debts and often avoid letting the news of their bankruptcy out. Many times, they don’t even discuss these issues with their closest friends. Thus, disclosing it to employers or landlord etc. is out of the question. While filing for bankruptcy, a lot of personal information is shared, and this is a major cause of worry for them. Since bankruptcy filing is public information, people are worried as to what happens to [...]


Traits of a Quality Bankruptcy Lawyer

Call: 888-297-6203 Bankruptcy is often not the first choice for people struggling with financial issues. However, if you are contemplating bankruptcy, you probably have run out of every other option. Creditors hounding you for their dues, threatening you with dire consequences, etc. can make you quite vulnerable. Bankruptcy can put a stop to all collection actions including foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment, etc. thanks to the automatic stay provision. However, filing for bankruptcy requires the guidance of experienced bankruptcy lawyers such as those of Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group. Though People can file for bankruptcy [...]


Does Bankruptcy End Child Support Obligations too?

Call: 888-297-6203 Despite being one of the best ways to get rid of debts, bankruptcy does not clear you of all your financial obligations. Lawyers of Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, elaborate that certain debts survive bankruptcy, no matter which chapter of bankruptcy you have filed under. These obligations include child support debt and alimony. Whether you chose to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 or Chapter 7, you will not be off the hook for paying child support and alimony dues to your spouse. Additionally, any fines due to restitution order by a [...]


Different Types of Bankruptcies

Call: 888-297-6203 Bankruptcy is one of the most sought out ways to get rid of unsecured debts that people have amassed over a period. Finding themselves in a financial soup can cause panic in people. Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, advises that there are a number of options when it comes to a bankruptcy filing. The most common chapters include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. While the former is known as Liquidation Bankruptcy and involves the selling of the non-exempt property to pay your dues; the latter, also known as Wage-earner’s plan, makes sure [...]


Points to Consider While Contemplating Bankruptcy

Call: 888-297-6203 Managing your finances is easier said than done. Many people find it difficult to manage their financial problems leading them to consider various debt relief options like debts settlement, debt consolidation, and even bankruptcy. Sometimes, just adjusting your spending patterns is enough to manage your debts, while sometimes, you might require the assistance of professionals to get rid of your debts. Though bankruptcy has earned a bad name, according to Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, it is probably one of the better ways to manage your situation. However, before deciding to go [...]


How Easy is it To Purchase a Home After Bankruptcy?

Though it is an excellent way to get rid of unsurmountable debts, bankruptcy has its downside too. Your credit report can remain affected by your bankruptcy for a long time. Bankruptcy remains on your credit record for a duration of 7 years in case of Chapter 13 bankruptcy and 10 years in case of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This has a detrimental effect on your ability to get credit in the future. Though you may find it difficult to purchase a home after bankruptcy, lawyers of Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, say, it is not [...]

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