Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy Basis – How To Get Discharge in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy discharge varies on the type of bankruptcy chapter the case is filed under by the debtor. Bankruptcy discharge relinquishes a debtor from any personal liability for some specified types of debts i.e. a debtor is no longer legally bound to pay any debts that are discharged by the court. Since the discharge is permanent, creditors are prohibited from taking any action (legal action or communication with the debtor, letter, phone call, personal contact, etc.) for the collection of discharged debts. Though the debtor is not to be held personally liable for any discharged debts, a valid lien [...]


Bankruptcy Basics for Federal Bankruptcy Laws

Federal bankruptcy laws and the bankruptcy process in entirety is one of the ways to offer a new lease of life to people who have been struggling to make ends meet and clear their dues. This kind of a situation can come in anyone’s life due to some miscalculated risks and financial decisions. However, it is not the end of the world as bankruptcy laws offer a chance for people to redeem themselves. Basics of bankruptcy include: […]