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How Long Do I Have to Wait To File For Bankruptcy Again?

One of the most powerful legal tools to ward of bad financial situation is bankruptcy. While filing for bankruptcy, you can get rid of huge amounts of debts thereby overcoming financial distress. However, one of the most popular misconception that people have is that if they have filed for bankruptcy once, they cannot file again. Well, lawyers of Sacramento based law firm Recovery Law Group, say that nothing could be further from the truth! […]


How Can Bankruptcy Help Me When I Owe More than the Worth of My House?

Due to bad financial conditions, people might find paying for even essential things like the mortgage, difficult. The situation could be worse for those, who had bought property when the rate was at the peaks as this has resulted in high mortgage payment for a property which is no longer worth as much. This situation is not uncommon, but all is not lost as Sacramento based law firm Recovery Law Group provides options for people who have a home which is worth less than what they are paying in mortgages. […]


Can Anyone File for Bankruptcy?

Despite being one of the best legal recourse available for people who are struggling with heavy financial problems, there are a lot of misconceptions associated with bankruptcy. Believing in these myths can cause extensive harm to people who could face problems like wage garnishments, utility shutoffs, foreclosure, etc. According to lawyers belonging to Sacramento based law firm, Recovery Law Group one of the most common misconceptions surrounding bankruptcy is that people believe that bankruptcy is only for individuals with limited source of income and that people earning too much money cannot file for bankruptcy. Well, nothing could be [...]