Can You Afford to Ignore Credit Card Debt?

Anyone can fall into a bad financial situation anytime. During the time of financial uncertainty, it is at times difficult to make even essential payments, due to which many people come to rely on their credit cards, unaware of the fact that the dues they are accumulating so will be harder to shake off. Increasing credit card debt can cause debt collectors and creditors to come knocking on your doors and take steps to recover their dues including wage garnishment. […]


Managing Debt Collection Businesses And Collection Law Firms

Call: 888-297-6203 If a situation like this arises what would you do ? You recently had a surgery, which required hospitalization for 3 night and to top it up, you had to pay the bill by your credit card as your insurance only partly covered the expenses. Due to the surgery, you had to take a 3 weeks break to recuperate, which was non paid. And on the first day back to work, your car broke down, adding up $1000 expenses on your card. Owing to the mental stress that you underwent, you may have slipped or missed [...]


Steps To Leave Behind Medical Debt In Bankruptcy

Call: 888-297-6203 Are you worried about your medical bills and contemplating bankruptcy? It's not just you. Medical debt is a problem for millions of Americans. But some might be curious about how our possible bankruptcy would be impacted by changes to the sorts of medical debt that are shown on your credit report. What you need to know is as follows: Medical Debt: What Sort of Debt Is It? If you have medical debt and are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you need to know the distinctions between secured and unsecured debt. Having this knowledge might be useful [...]


What You Should Know To Prevent Bankruptcy Fraud

Call: 888-297-6203 If you're thinking of declaring bankruptcy, make sure you follow the proper procedures beforehand. In reality, adopting the proper precautions can help you stay away from fraud and typical blunders. What you need to know is as follows: What Is Bankruptcy Fraud, First? Fraud in bankruptcy cases may be accidental or deliberate. You might experience severe repercussions if you are proven to have been dishonest before or during the bankruptcy procedure. A federal grand jury recently indicted a Pennsylvania debtor for hiding assets throughout the bankruptcy process. This debtor hid an enormous fortune. The maximum term [...]


How Can Bankruptcy Help You In Your Debt?

Call: 888-297-6203 How New Bankruptcy Thresholds Can Aid in Your Debt Relief Are you dealing with debt and considering bankruptcy? There are new bankruptcy eligibility requirements that can make you eligible. Here’s everything you need to know: What is the Act to Adjust the Threshold for Bankruptcy and Technical Corrections? The Bankruptcy Threshold Adjustment and Technical Corrections Act was signed by President Biden on June 21, 2022 ( This measure modified the maximum debt that a debtor might have in order to qualify for bankruptcy protection under the small business reorganisation act. The debt ceiling is also raised [...]


What Are The Reasons That Can Lead To The Denial Of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Call: 888-297-6203 Was Chapter 7 bankruptcy rejected for you? If so, you might be curious as to what comes next. You should first comprehend the potential grounds for denying your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.   So, what will result in a Chapter 7 being rejected? You can be found guilty of using fraud in your case if it is discovered that you concealed assets, transferred assets before filing, or provided inaccurate fair market valuations for your assets. Your bankruptcy petition will be rejected as a result of this. It is crucial that you discuss your financial status in depth [...]


What Are The Ways To Stop Harassment From A Medical Debt Collector?

Call: 888-297-6203 Are you being pestered by medical debt collectors? It's not just you. Medical debt is a problem for millions of Americans. There are several things you should be aware of before using your retirement or existing money. So what options do debt collectors have? Activities of Debt Collectors Each account, we may contact you up to 7 times per week. send you email validation alerts or give you that information over the phone. can electronically reach out to you in confidence. This includes sending you email, SMS messages, or direct messages (direct communications on social media) [...]


What Are The Basic Documents That Are Expected From One’s End In Bankruptcy?

Call: 888-297-6203 Are you sick and weary of managing your debt? Perhaps you've made the decision to see a bankruptcy lawyer about how filing for bankruptcy might provide you a financial new start. If so, you must be aware of the kind of documents needed for a bankruptcy case. Here are the things you'll need:   What Paperwork Do I Need to File for Bankruptcy? To prepare your file, your attorney will want a number of crucial papers from you. The bankruptcy trustee in your case may also ask for fresh or updated financial records. The following are [...]


All Information Related To Bankruptcy And Divorce

Call: 888-297-6203 If you are considering divorce or are already divorced, it may be a very stressful period. This is particularly valid if you or your ex are declaring bankruptcy. You might be unsure of how this will impact your assets or you. What impact does bankruptcy have on you then?   Divorce and Bankruptcy Your bankruptcy lawyer can help you with crucial facts to add in your divorce agreement if you haven't yet filed for divorce. Have you already begun the divorce process? You should still have a thorough discussion about your financial alternatives with your bankruptcy [...]


Is It Allowed To Keep A Vehicle After Filing For Bankruptcy?

Call: 888-297-6203 There are times when a client calls up after their Chapter 7 bankruptcy was successfully discharged. Most frequently, the client's financial circumstances altered in a way that may have an impact on the bankruptcy order. Recently, I received a call from a customer whose wife had just lost her job. They were unable to comply with the bankruptcy order's requirements as a result of losing their employment. At first, they intended to keep their automobile and finish paying it off. However, it became too challenging to make payments once the wife lost her work. They made [...]

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