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Why Do You Need Legal Guidance for Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Los Angeles?

Sometimes, debt reorganization, repayment plans, etc. are not enough to get rid of the overwhelming debt accumulated by people. For such individuals, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the only solution available. This type of bankruptcy is also known as liquidation bankruptcy, wherein the non-exempt property of the individual is sold off and the money so generated is distributed among creditors. After this, lawyers of Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group clarify that any remaining debts are discharged. Considering the complexity of cases, it is vital that you consult adept bankruptcy lawyers to help you out in Chapter [...]


How to Stop Wage Garnishment And Collection Actions of Creditors in California

Time and again, bankruptcy lawyers such as those of Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group reiterate that with a few exceptions (taxes, alimony, child support, student loan etc.) garnishment does not take place in states of California, Nevada and Texas unless a creditor has filed a case against you in a law of court and obtained judgment against you. In case they get a judgment against you, they need to file a request for garnishment which is issued to your employer. With this notice, your employer will need to provide your wages to the creditors at [...]


Benefits of Automatic Stay during Bankruptcy

Many people do not realize when they have incurred heavy debts thereby leaving bankruptcy as the last resort. However, not many people are aware that bankruptcy offers a lot of protection to debtors. One of the most important tools of bankruptcy is the automatic stay, which helps stop all actions taken by collection agencies to collect dues from you. In case you are facing eviction issues, foreclosure or repossession problems, due to losing utility or benefits, or are unable to make child support problems; automatic stay comes to the aid of you and your family, in this time [...]