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Implications of Filing for Divorce during Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Financial stress and heavy debt can cause many problems in your life, including rocking your shaky relationship. It is therefore not uncommon to find that people who are in the process of bankruptcy also have marital discord resulting in divorce. Since married couples often have their finances entangled and their financial responsibilities complicated, a sign of financial trouble may cause a rift in many marriages. No matter what the reason behind marital discord and divorce, there are some points to consider when a bankruptcy filing and divorce are taking place simultaneously. […]


Should You File For Bankruptcy Just After Losing Your Job?

People who have seen a significant change in their income due to a sudden surge in expenses or dip in earnings due to loss of job, often wonder if they should consider bankruptcy as a way out of the financial mess they are in. since conditions do not allow them to make payments against any obligations they have, this is a thought worth your penny. Though you might find it compelling to file for bankruptcy just after losing your job, it’s important that you deeply analyze your situation and come up with the best possible solution to your [...]