Motor Vehicle Exemption

Motor vehicle exemption act and bankruptcy

Cars, trucks, automobiles, etc., attract a lot of tension during bankruptcy. Travelling can be an expensive and painful affair without a car in most cities in the United States. No individual wants to let go of his/her car for whatever reason there might be. Bankruptcy can be one of the situations that would require a compromise as an automobile loan is considered as a secured loan and is released in very rare circumstances. It is much easier to protect your automobile assets if you are filing for bankruptcy via Chapter 13 versus Chapter 7. The key distinction between [...]


Bankruptcy Exemptions in Texas

In case you find your financial future in doldrums and are considering filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, it is important that you are aware of how the process works. Most of the times, people assume the worst when it comes to bankruptcy. Unlike popular misconception that you will end up losing everything you own, bankruptcy allows a number of protections which allows bankruptcy filers to protect more of their property or pay less amount to unsecured creditors. The Texas exemption laws contain many such protections for the benefit of filers. […]