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Can Bankruptcy Discharge be Denied in California?

Bankruptcy is designed to help people get financial relief from debts. Consumer bankruptcy results in a discharge wherein a federal court order eliminates debts and wipes the slate clean of the bankruptcy filer. Though used effectively by numerous people every year, Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm, clarify that discharge can be denied to people if there has been any incidence of fraud or mismanagement of property. Any attempt to hide or transfer property to defraud your creditors is not looked upon kindly by the courts and your bankruptcy discharge can be denied on this basis. What [...]


What Happens if You Miss the 45 Day Deadline for the Personal Financial Management Class Mandatory Necessary for Bankruptcy?

It is not that easy to get rid of your debts, even with bankruptcy. Not only a lot of paperwork is involved for filing the petition, but you are also required to take a financial management course and provide a certificate of completion in the court to get bankruptcy discharge before you can rebuild your financial situation. […]