File for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Everything You Needed to Know About Bankruptcy and Divorce

There is no denying the fact that both bankruptcy and divorce are an emotionally disturbing sequence of events which can cause drastic changes in your life. If anything can be worse than these two, say Dallas based bankruptcy law firm, is having to undergo both at the same time. Since both the issues are equally important, you will be needing the assistance of expert attorneys if you wish to file for both simultaneously. Though it is manageable, however, it is often suggested to avoid filing for both together. If you have any doubt regarding which should precede, [...]


Bankruptcy & Divorce – Not a wise idea!

It is definitely not a great feeling to go through a personal crisis of bankruptcy and divorce at the same time. There can be a tight interlink between the two, as divorce can lead to a bankruptcy situation as assets may get separated and also if you are turning bankrupt as a married couple, you are definitely turning unhappy with your partner leading to a divorce. Despite this link, it generally isn’t a great and wise idea to file for divorce and bankruptcy at the same time. Let’s learn how! As the court may request financial income information [...]