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Most Common Questions Related to Bankruptcy Answered

Though bankruptcy is a legal method of getting rid of debts, there are various misconceptions attached to the entire process. It doesn’t help with people being confused due to lack of authentic knowledge regarding the process. There are various queries related to the process, which generally remain unanswered, says Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, adding further fuel to fire. Here are some of the most common questions related to bankruptcy answered by experts. Can I file for bankruptcy without a lawyer? Though filing for bankruptcy without a lawyer is allowed, yet it is not recommended [...]


Tax Debts Can Drive Even the Rich and Famous to Bankruptcy

Despite the popular notion that bankruptcy affects only those people who have low income, there are numerous instances when the rich and the famous had to resort to bankruptcy to get rid of their huge financial debt. One of the notorious cases is that of O.J. Simpson’s lawyer, F. Lee Bailey’s. He gained popularity when he defended O.J. Simpson in the criminal trial for the double murder of Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. Bailey had a brush with success earlier too, representing people in other high profile cases. Unfortunately, despite rubbing shoulder with high [...]


What Effect does California State Court Judgement have on a Debt during Bankruptcy Discharge?

Bankruptcy is one of the preferred ways to get your spiraling debts discharged so that you get a clean slate to start your life afresh. Though usually court rulings or judgment are not enough on their own to make a debt not dischargeable, yet sometimes they may make it difficult or impossible in rare cases too. Though a majority of the debts accumulated by a person get discharged during bankruptcy, it is important to note that certain debts cannot be legally written off. Those debts which cannot be discharged are categorized as: Non-Dischargeable- The creditor doesn’t object to [...]