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Family Member Debts and Bankruptcy

There are several reasons for taking a loan from family members. Just before bankruptcy or during bankruptcy its quite common to have some loans from relatives, parents, siblings and other family members. The debts have piled up big time and before you file for bankruptcy is there something that you can do with your family member debts? The process of bankruptcy makes you list all your creditors/lenders so that may also include your friends, family members and all lenders irrespective of the debt type. Under chapter 7, if you do not have any non-exempt assets, your lenders might [...]


Live the American Dream without any Debts

The quintessential American dream has brought many people to the country where everyone has equal opportunity to make it big. Before economic recessions caused financial distress to numerous people, the American dream meant having a huge house, big car, access to a large number of credits to spend like the rich and famous. However, stagnation has caused many Americans to lose their jobs to business contractions, their homes to foreclosure and overspending to the credit crisis. This has caused disillusionment in many people leading them to question whether the American dream can be realized without incurring huge debts. [...]


How to Protect Yourself from Harassing Debt Collectors and Autocalls

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) had been formulated to protect debtors from the malpractice of collection agencies and creditors to autodial the debtors. Not only is the practice problematic, annoying and repetitive, but they can also be quite inconvenient at times. However, thanks to TCPA, you are no longer to put up with these auto calls. As per Los Angeles based lawyers belonging to Recovery Law Group law firm, in case you have denied permission or added yourself to the Do Not Call Registry and are yet receiving autocalls, you need a debt attorney. Some of the steps [...]