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Different Ways of Supplementing Your Income

Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in America, where the cost of living is 43% more than the national average and cost of housing is more than Two times the national average. This has led many people residing here to live under debt or impatiently wait for their pay cheque every month. Many people are looking for alternatives to supplement their income. The gig of short-term work is on the rise. Selling your stuff on the internet to increase your income is a great way. Thanks to the internet, A lot of options are available [...]


Details of the Bankruptcy Process in Los Angeles

The economic situation all over the world is dire. This has resulted in many people undergoing severe financial stress. Business organizations, as well as individuals, are facing problems regarding huge debts which makes it difficult to remain afloat. Many people find it tough to manage debts incurred and mortgage payments. If you are facing a similar situation, it is time to consider bankruptcy. Many people often have the wrong idea about bankruptcy, often because of the myths associated with it. Consulting adept bankruptcy lawyers such as those of Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group can make [...]


What are the Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy filing is a federal way out for people who are struggling with finances due to unforeseen circumstances. Individuals who are going through a tough financial phase can opt for filing bankruptcy under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. While many debts are discharged in Chapter 7, there are a number of benefits associated with Chapter 13 bankruptcy too. The latter has a court-approved repayment plan through which the bankruptcy filers are allowed to make payments to the debtors over a period of 3-5 years. The repayment plan is devised keeping in mind the debt owed to [...]


The Best Way to Rebuild Your Credit Score after bankruptcy

Sometimes, one bad decision can be just the start of many such similar ones. Before you know it, you have amassed a bad credit score and huge loans which you have no means to pay off. This invariably leads to filing for bankruptcy which may seem like the end of the world. However, things couldn’t be farther from the truth as bankruptcy offers you a chance to wipe your slate clean. You could get rid of old debts which kept your credit score down and get a fresh financial start to rebuild your credit score. Bankruptcy and its [...]