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What is The Difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Falling behind on payments can have drastic results. You are almost never able to come out of the vicious cycle of dues and payments. Bankruptcy can help you come out of grave financial situations. However, it can be quite confusing as there are a number of chapters under which individuals or organizations can file for bankruptcy. It is therefore important to consult a bankruptcy attorney to help you, who can guide which chapter will provide you better options. Bankruptcy lawyers, such as those of Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group can help you understand the difference [...]


In Texas? Ensure That you Adhere to These Guidelines

Finding oneself in a pile of debts is definitely an uneventful scenario and filing for bankruptcy stands as the only viable option for this. The filing process can help to discharge some or all of the debts and get manageable payment schedules for the others. You can also take care that you are careful of building a future that is devoid of these financial mistakes. If you are in Texas, there are some key guidelines to be cautious about when you are filing for bankruptcy. Take a look at them now!  Do not spend your retirement funds–In order [...]