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Most Commonly Asked Bankruptcy Questions

Call: 888-297-6203 Despite bankruptcy being one of the best ways to get a fresh financial start, the numerous social stigmas attached to it make it difficult for people to go ahead with it. Since bankruptcy becomes public record and stays on your credit report for a duration of 7-10 years, your financial failures can hold you back many times in the future. However, that is no reason to let go of a chance to get rid of your numerous debts and make a fresh financial start. According to Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, most people [...]


Should You File for Bankruptcy Before or After Foreclosure?

Call: 888-297-6203 Bad situations such as a sudden job loss or any unexpected medical expenses may result in you going under a huge amount of debt. For a person who owns a home, the major concern is what will happen to their home. Being behind mortgage payments can send the creditor towards foreclosing on your property. One of the best ways out of this situation is to file for bankruptcy, suggest Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group lawyers. However, once you decide that bankruptcy is the answer to your problems, the big question is whether to [...]