Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing

These Questions About Bankruptcy Can Make You Understand it Better

Call: 888-297-6203 Bankruptcy can be quite specific and technical for a common person to understand. This has caused many problems as people fear the repercussions more than understanding the benefits it offers. You will be surprised to know that unlike other forms of debt relief, bankruptcy is quite simple. Lawyers of Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, answer some of the prominent queries raised by people regarding bankruptcy. 1. Will I end up losing all my possessions? Liquidation of assets takes place in the case of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In that case, too, most assets [...]


Use Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Prevent Foreclosure of Your Home

One of the major benefits of filing for bankruptcy is the automatic stay. From the date of the bankruptcy filing, an automatic stay is enforced which puts a hold on all collection actions including threatening phone calls and messages, repossession, and foreclosure. This has to be abided by all parties concerned and failure to do so can result in a legal battle as was seen in case of Caridad Hileman. The California resident filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy but her case was dismissed. She didn’t want to lose her house to foreclosure, hence she filed again after a [...]


How can an Inheritance affect my chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The announcing “timing is the entirety” applies to many things in life, and that consists of how financial ruin can have an effect on your inheritance in Dallas. if you received an inheritance before filing for a chapter 7 financial disaster, it can become part of your financial ruin property much like any of your private home unless you can defend it with a bankruptcy exemption. but what in case you declare financial ruin after which your notable Aunt Estelle dies suddenly and leaves you a fortune? well, that could be a exclusive rely depending whilst she died. [...]


Role of your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee

When a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed, the debts are generally reorganized and repaid within five years. The creditors receive the dues over a three to a five-year term and the administration of this plan is monitored by an appointed trustee, exclusively for Chapter 13 filings. Here is a brief list of the bankruptcy trustee’s duties with regards to Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing – Reviewing all associated paperwork of the filing Reviewing of the repayment plan for its compliance to bankruptcy laws Collecting the payments as per the plan and distributing the same to the creditors Executing the [...]