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Bankruptcy does not need to be Intimidating!

Financial troubles can hit anyone, anytime. The primary step is to acknowledge financial problems and take adequate steps necessary to protect yourself and your family from adverse effects. Bankruptcy, though often detested, is an essential way to find financial stability. However, many people find bankruptcy intimidating. According to Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, this is primarily because of the lack of information about its advantages. You can easily overcome financial difficulties by opting for a consult with expert bankruptcy lawyers at 888-297-6023. the basic steps of facing bankruptcy include: Hiring experienced bankruptcy attorney Bankruptcy can [...]


Can Car Title Loan be Discharged in Bankruptcy in California?

Often in dire situations, people resort to dire measures. Taking a car title loan is a Hail Mary for borrowers as the fees and interest rate is high. But since people are generally out of options when they choose this, it doesn’t really matter. Car title loans are short-term loans which are given on a car which you own (no car loan exists on the vehicle). You need to provide your car title and a copy of your car keys to leave as security. The lender provides you money at the same time with a fixed time frame [...]