What To Expect When Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney?

  • What To Expect When Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney?

What To Expect When Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney?

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Filing for bankruptcy is a very complicated process and more complicated than that is finding an experienced attorney who can handle your case smoothly. You might already have an attorney handling your business or family matters, but for bankruptcy cases, it is important to hire an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy-related matters.

Why is it important to hire an attorney?

Though it is not a necessity to hire a lawyer for filing bankruptcy, but getting expert knowledge in a complicated matter never hurts. Though it is quite difficult to chalk out funds during a financial crisis to pay for an attorney’s fees, nonetheless, expert guidance in a situation where you have serious debt can be a big boon. This is more like a practical decision to handle your complicated bankruptcy law.

To make matters easy, you can take the free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney (while hiring them) to understand your feasibility and competence. Once you are confident and satisfied, you can hire them.

How can an attorney help you?

The most important role played by an attorney is in guiding you from scratch till you get your discharge. In the process, they help preserve your assets and maybe even give you alternatives to avoid bankruptcy altogether. Their expertise guides you by helping you avoid pitfalls and common mistakes. They also communicate with your creditors, create a payment plan as well as explain to you all the debt relief actions available.

Attorneys also assist you in filing your paperwork and reduce all possible negative outcomes that may arise while filing for bankruptcy.

How to choose an Attorney?

Hiring an attorney for a bankruptcy case is almost as important as presenting your documents. This is because a good and experienced attorney will help you walk by your case very smoothly helping you get the desired discharge.

While hiring an attorney, it is of utmost importance to interview them, just like you would any other job applicant. You can check their knowledge by querying about the details, along with asking them for guidance and seeing how they glide you through the options. Most important is your comfort level with your attorney and how you can communicate with them and also do they listen and consider your pointers…!!

Questions your attorney may ask before getting on-board

The attorney before taking your case in hand will want to understand your case in detail and for which he will have multiple questions and queries. It is important that you do not conceal any information.

Questions may be related to –

  • Family – this may include details about your family history, domestic support obligation if any and other details
  • Debt related – this will include your income, expenses, pending debts if any, IRS dues, student loans if any along with other related monetary queries
  • Employment – your current employment status, income, tax refund details, payment terms, tenure of current job
  • Business-related – partnership queries, transfer of property or valuable items details
  • General – this will include questions regarding the type of bankruptcy you will be filing under, bank accounts, credit cards and property-related not covered under the above.

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