What Do You Need To Pay For Filing A Chapter 7 Or 13 Bankruptcy?

  • What Do You Need To Pay For Filing A Chapter 7 Or 13 Bankruptcy?

What Do You Need To Pay For Filing A Chapter 7 Or 13 Bankruptcy?

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Though bankruptcy is meant to relieve you of financial problems, you need to pay a bankruptcy filing fee when you file for bankruptcy. This covers the cost associated with handling the case. However, if you have a low income, you can ask for a fee waiver. If you choose to amend your petition or convert your bankruptcy chapter, you might have to pay additional fees. Here is a look at the various fees you need to pay while filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy petition filing fees

In your bankruptcy petition, you must inform about your income, assets, and expenses, apart from past financial transactions. After completing the mandatory credit counseling course, you must submit a bankruptcy filing fee of $338 for the Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition and $313 for a Chapter 13 one. The fees remain the same, irrespective of the state you file for bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy trustee who handles your case also needs to be paid for their work. Therefore, a small portion of the bankruptcy filing fee goes to them. Apart from this, the trustee also gets a percentage of funds that are distributed to the creditors after selling your non-exempt property in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. In the case of Chapter 13, the trustee is paid a percentage of the amount paid to creditors monthly through your repayment plan.

However, suppose your income falls below the poverty guidelines, and you cannot afford to pay the bankruptcy filing fee. In that case, you can apply for a fee waiver. On the other hand, if the income is higher than the poverty guideline but you lack the funds to pay immediately, you can also ask the court for permission to pay the fees in installments.

Cost for reopening the bankruptcy case

Though most bankruptcy cases move smoothly, sometimes, a small lapse in the procedure (failure to deposit fee or financial course completion certificate on time) might result in premature closing of the case. To reopen the bankruptcy case, you need to pay $260 for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case and $235 for a Chapter 13 case.

Other bankruptcy fees

Certain situations like a change of financial circumstances or a dispute with a creditor or your bankruptcy trustee might cause you to pay additional fees. The amount you need to pay in case of exceptional situations are mentioned below:

  • Conversion from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 – $15
  • Conversion from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 – $25
  • Change petition or schedules (apart from creditor’s address) – $32
  • Filing a Motion to Compel Abandonment of Property – $188
  • Filing an appeal from a judgment or order – $298

Bankruptcy filing is a complex process, and there are several questions associated with it. To know more about the process and bankruptcy discharge in Los Angeles, call 888-297-6203 to consult with experienced bankruptcy lawyers.